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[Guide] Newbie Guide Best Purchases

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You know that IGG made some offers for us to purchase, you will see my opinion below.

in my opinion, Best Purchases
Winning start: Big Guy hero can be purchased after you buy the two package of it. it's improve your construction speed first. 

30-Day Supply Chest: you can give good amount of resources and speedups every day for 30 days 

Heroic Adventure: this is contains 6 Bravehearts, so pretty good to help increase your hero medals and it's important for collesium fight and ranks. this rank important to get more gems.

Heroes: you can look the gold medal advantages and for this reason I recommend;
Big guy (for 30% Construction Boost), 

Witch Doll (for both 20% Construction Boost and for 25% Research Boost), 

Pettite devil (for 25% Research Boost) 

Lore Weaver (my experience all overlords use this hero for rank 1 at the collesium its really effective) but you can choose also the others.

I also saw 20$ package one months ago, you get so many speed ups, holly stars, but i don't remember the names.

IGG ID: 379117504

IGG ID: 379117504
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Posted on 2017-05-20 05:10:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

The $20 pack was a very sweet deal.. I can't remember what it was called ;)  They've also just done a similarly priced one with 56K gems.. perhaps they are going to do one great deal a month now?

It's worth mentioning in your guide that the big guy ie. a winning start - should definitely be your first purchase.  I sort of regret not getting this to gold really early (I doubt I'll ever bother now).  The exp bonuses on the equipment and the construction speed boosts will speed everything up more so than spending the same amount of $ on anything else.

If you are new in a kingdom, big guy pack pretty much guarantees you are well ahead of the competition and you'll get good earnings back from the colliseum etc.  It won't last forever but it should keep you ahead of the curve till protection is up anyway.

Re: Heros

With the exception of big guy and perhaps getting some heros for challenge stages.  Unless you are planning to spend big, buying individual heros should be considered carefully.  It doesn't seem to cost so much to get these to blue, but going beyond that is eye watering.  So focus your spending on heros.