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[Guide] How to proper attack and defend ! This is the best guide.

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Posted on 2017-05-13 13:18:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

Want to be the most successful attacker or be safe all the time ? Follow the steps written below:
     1.Training:Never stop training troops !Here is the advice for training: 10 infantry - 10 ranged - 10 cavalry - 1 - siege. (ex: 100k inf - 100k ranged  - 100k cav - 10k siege).If you don't have a balanced number of troops the enemy can take advantage and  you might lose the battle. Always have less siege than other types of troops because siege are useless after they destroy the wall. Also when you thinking to attack and enemy tile don't deploy your siege troops because your troops will be walking slower to the enemy's turf.
     2.Buildings: I highly recommend to build 6 Infirmaries (30%HP - lv25), 2 Barracks(20%def- lv 25) and 9 Manors( 18% atk - lv25). You will benefit of healing most of your troops involved into the battle, more survivability, high training speed, good atttack bonus and also 20% defense is nice to have it. 
    3.Hereos - Do hero stages everytime you can, promote your hereos and get the medals to hire and upgrading them.
    4.Gears : Choose the right gears if u have a balanced army by boosting the army defence army, army hp, or balance the bonuses of all of them by crafting the right gears.These are my tips for defensive set up.
   5.Preparing an attack: Always scout the enemy turf before to attack it.If the enemy has cavs and infantry choose to attack with ranged and cavs. Cavalry will counter the infantry and your ranged troops will counter the enemy's cavalry. Also don't forget to deploy right hereos before to attack the enemy's turf.You need to deploy cavalry hereos and ranged hereos. Also you have to equip the right gears which will boost your cavalry and ranged units into the battle. You can use other tricks like boosting your army attack, army size or army defense also u can random scout a turf to get the battle fury bonus, then you relocate near the enemy and attack him. I hope this little guide will help you.  All the best !
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1)More and more players realize walls are quite useless. They are great if you get attacked once or twice. But if you are getting farmed that you just don't have enough time to repair it....not worth. That makes siege more and more useless.
2)I would not build 2 barracks. It's hard to choose from infirmaries and manors. On the long run saving a troop life is somehow better than building a troop.
3) You might want to farm highest possible elite chapter. I personally maxed out trickster first. Than rose night. Than maybe demon slayer ?
4)I would advise monster hunting research before army if you plan to have good gear. In 6 months since i play yet to have golden gear from monster hunting. And i focused on monster hunting reasearch to lvl 9 as soon as possible
5)In order for best counter you will need to research army formations. Cavalry and Ranged phalanx. If used well, this is equalent of 500%-1600% army research. Sadly it's mostly used for attacking.

Posted on 2017-05-13 20:14:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

Everyone has a style of attacking,mix is a start point but not great for attacking unless you shrug of some sized losses for your own sized people,you play same vs same,a little boosts are the decider but for defense,mix seems quite good but again with style