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[Guide] Darknest and Enemy Turf Attacking Tips.

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Hello Ladies and Lords.  
Losing too many troops when attacking? Having trouble beating a Darknest as Rally lead? Here are some details about sending a March against a Darknest and an Enemy Turf that may help you suffer less losses and secure the WIN!
There are many key points when it comes to attacking.
1. Your heroes have a class type (Calvary,  Infantry,  Ranged, and Siege) each of those heroes have a battle skill called a "squad attack"
2. Your troops also have a class type. By sending troops of a heroes class type you will increase the "squad attack" damage of that class type hero.
3. Your heroes "squad attack" can be upgraded using medals. Grade common(grey) = 105%,  uncommon(green) = 110%, rare(blue) = 120%, epic(violet) = 140%, and legendary(gold) = 200%
4. Your assigned hero has the equipment you build in your workshop. Your equipment bonuses only count in an attack if you assign one of the heroes you send on the March as the Leader of your turf.
5. The more of a troop type sent in a March that matches a hero type will boost the damage of its battle skill by the total of troops of that type.
6. Some bonus stats may be earned from getting your all your heroes to rank 7. (rank 7 unlocks 4th skill in battle skill page)  logistics skills that increase troop damage are a permanent stat boost.

I hope this advice will help you all become masters of attacking!!!

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Wait are you saying its only the squad bonus of the leader / one wearing gear that counts?  like if i have 1 gold that has 200% squad attack and rest of hero are green or blue, i should put the one gold on in the gear regardless of its other buffs?

Posted on 2017-05-16 11:34:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

Re those squad bonuses.

I interpret 105% Squad ATK as DMG, as in practical terms adding 5% to total DMG by that squad.  A ranged hero would add 5% to the ranged troops.  It isn't really much until you get to legendary and in-line with Tudi's experiments.

It stacks.  It doesn't have to be the leader, but the hero must be deployed in combat.

For simplicity interpret these hero squad improvements as:

Common: +5% ATK
Uncommon +10% ATK.
Rare: +20% ATK.
Epic: +40% ATK.
Legendary: +100% ATK.

A squad being the same troops type as that hero.


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Wait what happen if I send 5 Range heroes ? Do they stack ?
Is there a limit of how many troops per squad?

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There are two places where "squads" come into play.

1. The battle animation - Here they stick one of them as battle leader and show them contributing to the battle.
2. The actual battle - Here they add a ATK/DMG (not sure which) bonus to all troops of their type.  There is no squad leader here.  The stats definitely stack.

The battle animation is for amusement only and doesn't tell you anything at all accurate about the battle.