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[Guide] Heroes and Heroine:the basics

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Posted on 2017-05-04 20:16:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys my name is ShadowMage25(in game) and here i will be giving you a few tips for better heroes

For example,we all know that heroes are a crucial part of battle. But is it known that promoting a hero could also raise your might significantly??
Yes,it's true no jokes and here below you will see truth in reality,clear as crystal,soft as velvet and ,above all,make you one powerful Player!!!
》Never neglect your heroes in favour of troops
》Build up a strong team
》Hero rank gives more power than hero level
》STR heroes are heroes like Watcher,Oath keeper,Soul Forger and Death Knight.It is important to have 1 of these in your team.
》AGI heroes are ones like Death Archer,Black Crow,Demon Slayer and Scarlet Bolt. These heroes usually deal ranged damage or have a special move that allows them to appear next to the target,dealing 3x damage and inflicting stun for 3 seconds
》INT heroes are the heroes which deal magical damage like Prima Donna,Sage of Storms,Snow Queen and the Incinerator

Now that we have all the basics out of the way,let's get going to the combinations !!

Normally it is wise to use this combination
This is beneficial as the STR heroes will protect the INT and the AGI from harm.
Note:For AGI heroes it is wise to use one of the ranged kind and one of the melee kind.

However,for monster hunts,to get the optimum results it is best to switch the heroes around as some monsters have more damage inflicted by INT etc.

OK guys I'm  tired of writing and so I stop.
Once again,my name is ShadowMage25 from Kingdom #112 and my IGG ID is 411562043 and bye guys and I hope you will up vote this at once