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[Guide] Darknests, War of Wonders, and Battle Royal

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Posted on 2017-05-02 23:40:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

There are three kinds of guild battles in Lords. There are Darknests, which can be fought all of the time. There is the War for Wonders, which is fought every 5 days or so. Lastly, there is the Battle Royale, which is fought in kingdom 71 every 5 weeks or so.
Darknests are rally targets on the map that allow you to practice fighting so you can have an understanding of large attacks and troop compositions. There are five levels of Darknest, with the weakest be lv 1, which is easily defeated by almost any guild, to lv 5, which requires a player with max research, war talents, amazing gold gear, gold jewels, gold heroes, the right troop composition, and a lv 25 battle hall filled with t4 troops. Defeating a Darknest will give you an essence that is lv 1-20 depending on the strength of the Darknest. It is not directly correlated with might. Darknests with anti-scouts have a higher level essence than those that don’t. Darknests with varied troop compositions have a higher essence than those that only have one kind. Your transmutation lab can hold up to three essences at a time. You can transmute one essence at a time to receive a reward based on the level of the essence and the amount of time it took to transmute. There are many rewards including: resources, gems, material chests, speed ups, and Winged Boots. When you attack a Darknest, the battle report will give you the usual battle information, including the number of wounded and troops. However, the Goddess Athena will revive 99% of the troops that were injured and killed, and the remaining 1% will be injured and sent to your infirmary. While attacking Darknests, none of your troops will die unless your infirmary is full. While you should attack Darknests for the transmutation awards, your primary focus should be on learning how to minimize your losses. When you start a rally, tell your guild which troops to send. If the Darknest has mostly infantry, send mostly cavalry troops. Play around with the percentages of troops until you learn how to minimize your losses. You should then apply what you learned to attacking other players. You should always change your army formation and heroes to best suit the battle. Even though you can win many Darknests through brute force, doing so would cause you to miss getting into the habit of attacking as efficiently as possible, which will help you save your troops and harm your enemies when you fight against other players. For most Darknest rallies, it is not necessary to change to war talents.
War for Wonders:
At the start of every KvK, each of the six forts and the base in every kingdom that is not still migration protected will be open to fight over. Each of the six forts will give the guild that controls it a buff. They are:
Tempest = 25% Infantry ATK
Bright = 25% Cavalry ATK
Frozen = 25% Ranged ATK
Sky= 20% Infantry DEF and Max HP
Lunar = 20% Cavalry DEF and Max HP
Comet = 20% Ranged DEF and Max HP
These buffs are unique, meaning that controlling two Tempest forts at the same time will not give you +50% ATK.
Controlling the Base allows the leader of the controlling guild to bestow titles on their allies and enemies. There are 10 buffs including the Overlord Title, and 9 Debuffs. You can read them all by taping on a Base, then Base Info, then Vassal Titles.
After KvK ends, the forts and base enter protection mode for 120 hours, during which time they cannot be attacked. After that time has ended, guilds can attack them and fight for control again. During every non-KvK War of Wonders, the forts and base will enter protection mode after they have been controlled by one guild for four consecutive hours. If there are several guilds of similar strength fighting over the forts, the war can take a long time. As a result, the War of Wonders do not take place at the same time in all kingdoms, until the next KvK starts and the timing is reset.
Attacks against the Wonders are different than attacks against player in a few different ways. First, you can always scout a Wonder, so you will always know the troop composition of the forces holding it. This is an inherent benefit towards the attackers. Secondly, the max number of troops in a Wonder is determined by the Commander’s battle hall level (the Commander is the player who started the rally). As a result, most Wonder fights consist of 2.375m troops on each side (2m from a lv 25 battle hall, and 375k from a Commander with 5 rank 8 heroes and a 50% army size increase). Lastly, in a Wonder battle, both sides will have 60% of their lost troops wounded and 40% killed. The defender does not get the advantage of all of their troops going to their infirmary first. Many, many troops are killed in Wonder battles. The main tactic is to have your player with the highest army buffs (combined research, talents, gear, jewels, heroes, altar, prisoner, etc.) host the rally because that buff will apply to everyone’s troops. After your rally conquers a fort, you will need to reinforce it to make sure it is full in order to keep it from being taken over by another guild.
Battle Royal:

This is the place where the players who spend enough money to keep IGG in business fight each other for bragging rights and a comparatively small reward. In order to enter K71 and compete, you need to have a level 25 castle and have a Royal Pass. This Royal Pass can be bought for 100k gems or for $20 in a pack. These players fight to control the base the longest. The rules for attacking are the same as Wonders. Everyone uses the rally leader’s buffs, you need your guild’s help, and 40% of everyone’s troops die. This event lasts two days and the winner is the player who was the Commander of the base for the longest total period of time. The winner receives 1m gems, 600m gold, the Emperor Equipment, the ability to assign kingdom labels, and issue Imperial Titles. You may think to yourself “wow, 1m gems and 600m gold is an amazing reward!” However, the Commander almost certainly lost more than 1m gems and 600m gold worth of t4 troops during the fight, not to mention all of their guild mates who helped. The gear and Titles are the most sought after rewards. Many players who compete in the Battle Royal will have max research, every gold hero, all gold equipment, all gold jewels, and their guild will control 6 forts and a base. This means that all of those players will essentially have the same troop strength. The unique gear and titles will give the winning player a way to be stronger than every other player. The kingdom label ability allows the winner to award buffs to whole kingdoms, such as training speed increases, research speed increases, etc. The Imperial Titles are a different set of titles from the regular Overlord titles. The last Battle Royal was a lot of fun to watch. Every few seconds a new guild would rally, which meant there was no time to reinforce the Royal Wonder between rallies, so the Wonder traded hands regularly. The Battle Royal event is one that is usually a lot of fun to watch, but it is also one that most people cannot participate in.

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