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[Guide] <Newbie Guide> Spending money and resources - How to

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Posted on 2017-04-19 10:01:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello again dear Lords Mobile players, 

As usual, from time to time, I come here and leave a part of my knowledge about this game. Today I thought I might give all players an idea on how to invest money and resources into this game for maximum benefits. 

We will go from cheapest to more expensive ways of investing in the game. 

1. First I want to talk about resource spending. Food, rocks, wood, ore and gold. 
- Always buy ALL PACKAGES from the Cargo Ship

Even if it will not look appealing, it always works to your benefit. Sometimes you will have resource exchange, other times you will get time speedups. 
- Try to always have minimum resources out of your stash. Try to time your upgrades/troops training when the armies come back from resource gathering. Also try to use these on Cargo Ship trades. This will minimize the chance of somebody attacking your turf and stealing your resources. 
- At special events, like KVK or guild fests, when you have quests for gathering resources or just gather resources on enemy kingdoms in KVK, try to always send extra resources to your guild bank if you have one, or to send the to other guild members who can use them instantly so they won't attract possible invaders. Here, as well, you can try to spend them on upgrades, troop training and Cargo Ship. 

2. Speed ups spending: 
You should NEVER spend speedups on troop training. 
You should NEVER hurry and spend speedups on building and researches until the last 24 or less hours. 
You SHOULD always check your events page for solo and hell events so they have MATCHING building timers (or research timers) when you use speedups on buildings (researches)

Always try to time your finishing buildings or researches so you get the rewards from different solo and hell events so you always win something! 

3. Gems spending: 
ALL PURCHASES MUST BE MADE ON A GUILD FEST. This will help both you and your guild for making points in a quest with spending Gems!
NEVER spend gems on speedups!
NEVER spend gems on troop training!
Until you reach Treasure Trove level 9, Battle Hall, Prison and Altar level 25, you should not spend gems on anything else other than special resources for these 4 buildings. These will cost you about 200 k gems per building each up to level 25. 

Some exceptions will be made here. From time to time some special events popup and might need, depending on player level and capabilites, spending some gems. 

For the Easter, we had a special event, where, every day, we would get: A green egg for free, a blue egg for speding 1500 gems in game (you can buy one item for 1500 gems or more or many items for lower value, totaling minimum 1500 gems), and a red egg for any purchase using money (best solution here was to buy a 1 dollar/euro pack from the cargo ship/2 dollar/euro - minimum package in the shop)
After spending all the gems required for upgrading the 4 special buildings, the only item worthy of gem spending is the BRAVEHEART. This will help all players a LOT for upgrading each hero GRADE! With each grade increase, each hero's passive and active skills will grow in power! 

4. Money spending: 
The MOST IMPORTANT package you can ever buy and be satisfied every day is the 30 day supply bundle. 

This will get you a total of 240 hours of research speedups and 120 hours of speedups and a bunch of resources over a period of 30 days and it costs only 10 dollars/euros. 
Just like with spending gems, spending real money on different packs should be reserved for guild fest. While buying 2-3-10 packs of goodies, one should always spend the money while having an active guild quest. 
I personally recommend the 10 packs guild quest. this will earn you about 147 points if I am not mistaking. This way, you benefit a LOT for the guild fest, and you will have all your "groceries" in your stash at once. 
Try to spend the money on packs that include as many speedups as possible, minimum 45 hours for 5 dollars/euro. Other important packages that can be bought are the hero packs. these will give you hero medals for heroes that can only be bought. While having these extra heroes, you will benefit of the extra passive skills brought to the game by these heroes. 

Of course, we will have here and there some exceptions. As you will see in the next pictures, every once in a while IGG will have a "special" pack of goodies, like the one below: 

For 20 dollars/euro, you will get: 
8000 gems
700 hours of speedup!

10 000 stars for Labyrinth
10 000 vip points
Lots of resources...

AND... 12 x 40 monster chests! that is 480 chests!

This is a very sweet deal for the money. 

Another good way of using your money is by the Captain's special offer from the Cargo Ship. Every day, after exchanging one item in the Cargo Ship, you get a Captain's special offer, that ALWAYS costs 1 dollar/euro. This can get you sometimes some resources and 600 gems, BUT sometimes it can get you 2000 gems and resources, or even 48 hours of speedups. So keep an eye out for these kind of deals! 

This is also a good way to obtain special bonuses from special events. like the red egg for Easter, or, like in an older event, where you got points for buying bundles. 

Have a nice day playing this game!

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