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[Guide] Officer roles for a successful Guild

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General Officer Roles

Guild Leader:
Guild Council:       
Administration Officers:
Communication Officers:
Recruitment Officers:
Bank Manager(s):
Social Officer(s):
Raid Leader(s):
Raid Co-ordinator(s):

Role Details - Officer Roles

Guild Leader
Enforce Principles as a basis of decision making and leadership Create and maintain structure through roles, rules and templates Monitor and address Guild operation Promote team working and communication

Guild Council
Support the Guild Leader with major decision making

Administration officers
An administration officer is allocated for each raiding team, their individual and shared responsibilities are to manage/update the following:

Roster & Attendance
Progression (might increase upon guild and players)
Officer Meetings
Organise suitable times based on availability
Event & Agenda
Maintain Ranks

Communication Officers
A communication officer is allocated to each raid team, their individual and shared responsibilities are to manage/moderate/update the following:
In-Game screenshots
Guild chat moderation
Allie and NAP diplomacy
Team Information: Messages
Post News/raid Kill Screenshots
Enforce rules & moderate

Recruitment Officers
A guild wide recruitment officer is a general point of contact for any recruitment queries, they should:

Co-ordinate with raid management teams to maintain consistency
Be a first responder and point of contact on all applications
Direct applicants to the relevant guild/family
Maintain professional and friendly approach
Tailor approach/communication to applicants needs/requirements

Bank Manager(s)
Maintain Stock Level
Buy Materials as needed

Social Officer(s)
Create & maintain a friendly guild atmosphere
Get people involved! (Organise additional guild events to improve team working and morale, this should be both inside and outside Lords Mobile)
Identify any potential issues with guild members
Provide support if required

Raid Management
The Raid Management team are a sub group within each officer team to manage raid specific roles. Ideally, the raid leader, raid co-ordinator and loot distribution roles should be covered by raid management.
Discipline Management
Deal with replacement, Standby Players & queries from raid members
Calling out mechanics & monitoring performance
Ensure all roles have been allocated and are being executed sufficiently

The raid management team are also collectively responsible for dealing with recruitment and should:
Manage website recruitment modules and deal with aapplications
Co-ordinate with the guild wide recruitment officer
Maintain professional and friendly approach
Tailor approach/communication to applicants needs/requirements
Provide a suitable and relevant introduction to the guild including:
Introduction to relevant raid management
Highlight key raiding requirements/expectations
Line & Wegamers setup

Raid Leader
Raid leaders work as part of the raid management team outside of the raid, and they will take main control during a raid. They have the following responsibilities:
Has the overall decision making power during raids
Should be direct and respond quickly
Promote effective team working and communication

Raid Co-ordinator
Raid co-ordinators support the raid leader in the raid environment and have the following responsibilities:
Maintain suitable pace
When discussing tactics/feedback
Allocate roles in the raid team based on players strengths
Solo hits

Loot Distribution
Distribute loot during raids
Responsible for loot related queries within/outside the raid
Have a general awareness of stat priorities keeping bank stocked

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Really is this all required. i dont understand why we need to provide all those during raids.

Posted on 2017-04-19 14:07:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for your guide. Unfortunately it does not meet our quality standards.

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