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[Guide] beginner & Battle strategies

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1)((Building and Gathering Resources)
Your castle is the most important building, not only the plac)e your throne is. The size of your castle is what is key to being able to upgrade everything else including how many soldiers that will protect your kingdom. No other buildings can surpass the size of your castle.

Building a vault is key is keeping your resources from being stolen in the night. For each upgrade, the vault holds more of your precious building materials and keeps the pillagers from reaping your rewards. To build your empire, vaults are not the only building you need. Customize your kingdom and your army with each building. These supplies to raise up the greatest of kingdoms for you to rule, you will need a farm.

Food affects production, these too require upgrading as your kingdom grows. Food is used to build buildings and traps, research, train troops and deciphers how many troops defend your grand kingdom. No one suffers from famine other than your inability to train the troops required to keep you as top Lord. Quarries are important, too. Barracks are built in order to produce soldiers to defend your kingdom and to find the Heroes right for the job.

You do not need mere stone quarries to strengthen your fortress, but keeping your lumber mills active and upgraded will further guarantee that you will rise up as Lord. The more you build and upgrade, the higher your efficiency. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade in order to keep those resources coming so you can expand your kingdom, feed and train your troops, and research ways to devour your enemies. Defend your castle and kingdom with traps and troops.

2)((Battling: Attacking and Defending Your Kingdom
Lords Mobile allows you to fight in PVP (player versus player) with millions of players around the world. You must defend your kingdom in this onslaught of battles and attacks. You can even spy and scout other kingdoms, intel key in knowing how to destroy and pillage a competing Lord. Battling is not only about killing and pillaging. You can also spy on your enemies, capturing their Heroes and locking them in your castle dungeon.

Holding these Heroes will force their kingdoms to pay up for their release. PVP is not your only option either. World maps hold monsters and creatures for rare treasures that will continue your rise as the greatest of Lords. By upgrading your buildings, troops, and technologies, you will further ensure you will succeed at being powerful. Need an extra hand? Aline yourself with another kingdom to form a guild and conquer the World together. Two powerful forces are better than one when it comes to forming a Guild fo decimation.

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Thanks for your guide. Unfortunately it does not meet our quality standards.