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[Guide] Trap Accounts

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Posted on 2017-04-12 06:14:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

To create a trap account the main thing to keep in mind is high strength vs. Low might.  When trying to set up trap accounts for your guild it's best to run 3 to 4 and have them intermixed in your hive and spread out. This gives other guilds who happen to teleport next to the hive more chances of hitting those accounts and being too crippled to carry on. Get your Embassy as high as possible to allow for more troops to be reinforcing your base against attacks, I know you can make smaller traps for solo hits without level 25 Embassy, but I wouldn't recommend it when bigger guys can clean you out in one Rally. Always have your stats maxed out for Health, all troop attack level III, and Defense as much as possible in that order. Get the best defense gear, there are some ok free to play gear in the game, but the best gear is always pay to Play.  Hold off using gems in gear as long as possible to try and max them out, just remember you get better stats for 3 Blue than 1 Purple gem. They're hard to come by so do not waste them. Hero's on your wall need to be the best for attacking and defense for being stationed there, do not place a Monster Hunt hero or RSS hero on your wall. Troops are the biggest thing needed to be a successful trap account. T1 are instant healed in infirmarys and they are cheap to replace, try and train no less than 1 mil of each attacking troop type, do not build Artillery, waste of time and resources cause they do not help defend your hero. If t3 troops are all you've got unlocked with research try and build 3 full marches 250K of T3 troops by attacking type as your last line of defense. Remember the most important thing about a trap account is to sit and wait, or provoke an attack if you have people in your Kingdom willing to fall for that bait? Never allow a successful scout to land, always ensure Anti scout is up and your guild mates are successfully reinforcing you when you're offline. Troops will get injured, it's up to someone smart enough online to get people to keep the reinforcements full and even by the troop types, if you've got people like this in your guild then I personally would leave my hero out even when I slept, to ensure we really hurt anyone attempting to hurt us and they get to port home with all the losses. If you're online always have as many Hospitals as possible, I'd recommend around 500k beds as your buffer.This will keep as many troops alive that you got and hopefully if you're caught off guard your losses won't be too bad, and the attacker is the one who leaves the fight even if he got your hero with way more losses? Once you've been found out that you're a trap, random port away for a bit, change names, and come back in a different spot when the fight is over and they left. Also try and change hero, as well as a few gear pieces for a few days, then come back home heal up and reset for another round.


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