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[Guide] Lord Draxos's Research and Construction Guide FOR T4 TROOPS

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Well here we are with one of the most important aspects of our favorite game Lords Mobile, Construction and Research. This guide will consist of 2 parts, obviously being Research then Construction. This guide will help you understand different perspectives of Research and Construction and why some people prefer different research and construction styles, and at the end you will be able to choose one that benefits you the best. Now I want to make clear, this Guide is the most optimal way to get T4 troops, although you may use these concepts for your own goal as well.


What research do I do first?

(For T4 Troops)

Research is a very subjective topic and can be viewed in many ways. Lots of people were taught by guild members that they should go ALL MONSTER HUNTING, some say "GO FOR MILITARY AND ECONOMY ONLY", and the list can go on. But lots of us don't really understand the topic and only do as we are told. So here's my explanation to everything.

There are categories for people in Lords Mobile unfortunately and these categories consists of P2P (Pay to play) and F2P (Free To Play) players. For the most part, people can be a fully F2P player, a fully P2P player, and/or in the middle of both, which I just classify as a CS (Casual Spender). Unfortunately this part of the game really matters, and can slow down or speed up the process of getting T4 troops, which is almost everyone's goal. Another thing that greatly effects the process of Research is YOUR GUILD. If you're in an inactive guild, or a guild made up of mostly F2P players then you'll be stuck in a bottle neck for a long time, especially if you're an F2P player yourself. But if you're in a very active guild that has LOTS of P2P players, then really you will progress smoothly whether you're P2P or F2P. The last thing is your Coliseum Rank, if you're in the top 50 in the Coliseum and you're making a good amount of gems, you are also in a good position. Now that we have the facts out of the way, here's the most optimal Research direction you should go in according to your categories.

F2P                                                  CS                                              P2P


Now if you're on the VERY RIGHT side of this scale, then you're generally in a good position. You are able to provide for yourself because of the amount of gems that you rack up, the speedups that you get with your packs, and the resources that come with the packs. With that being said, if you're a P2P player your path shall follow the MILITARY AND ECONOMY DIRECTION. This is just because you'll be having a steady income of gems, resources, and speedups and so T4 shouldn't be a problem.

Now being a P2P player is a very simple direction, but what about F2P? Now your direction can vary depending on how far to the left of the scale you are on, and your positioning in guilds, and coliseum. Lets start with the worst possible scenario, you're in a guild made up of all or most F2P players, and your coliseum rank isn't high at all. Well if you're in this position, that means you're not getting a very good income of gems rolling your way. And because of this, F2P players on the very left side should move towards HARD MONSTER HUNTING DIRECTION. This is generally because that's your only way of getting free gems, and will be your main source of free gems. Your Monster Hunting level should be relatively high if you're on the very left side, around level 8 or 9 for most researches. Now if you're an F2P player with a good guild that gets lots of Gold Boxes, and you are in a good Coliseum place. This means that you're still on the left side but not as much then you move towards SOFT MONSTER HUNTING. Like the Hard Monster Hunting, you still will have Monster Hunting as a big part. Just because the boxes and Coliseum might not be enough and therefore your Monster Hunting should range in the level 7 - 8 and at least level 3 monsters. Now if you're a CS then you're in a lucky, position. You're able to choose which path you can go, and it all depends on how "casual" of a spender you are. If you only spend from the $5 - $50 packs, then Monster Hunting may still be for you. But if you're buying a variety of each pack including $100 packs, then maybe you can go straight for T4 :)


Research speed has many factors. Things like gear, talents, and heroes. Here is my CURRENT Research Gear that I'm using. I'm only a CS player and so I'm using F2P gear.

But if you're a P2P player, your gear is generally the same. Just change Electric Lance to Champions Edge.

Now for Heroes, the only heroes there are for Research speed is: Trickster (F2P, 25%), and Dark Follower (P2P, 25%). I have both, but my Dark Follower is silver so I use my blue Trickster.

Talents, are generally easy. Just max both Research I and II.


Construction has a very different view to Research, just because research has so many subcategories. While Construction is kind of just build what you need. Because of the fact that all your buildings need to be level 25, and that Alter, Battle Hall, and Prison all cost 500k gems from level 19 - 25. I suggest you save your gems for these buildings, and try not to use gems under any circumstances. Just because of how important they are. Your talents are the same as Research, just max out Construction I & II, and in your research go to Economy tab and max out Construction and you get a nice 70% boost. Your construction gear should comprise of these: Terror Mask, Noceros Mask, Lightning Guard/Odysseus, Gryphon Walkers/Amethyst Boots, Gryphon Talon, Sentinel’s Circlet. Here is my gear at the moment:

IGG ID: 240540413

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Still editing. Not complete.

Fully Complete.

K37 || Q.R || Lord Draxos

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Don't forget Petit Devil for research speed also :)

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how does the research on monster hunting help with gems? Do high level research on them up your % of getting gems?

Right now I am monster 3 and working on getting monster 4 (2 upgrades left) Does any of that upgrade my % of getting better stuff? Or just unlocking level 4 monsters help with getting better stuff when it does drop since the ability to get purples is now there.

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With more research you:

Increase the energy for attacks.
Decrease the cost of attacks.
Increase the speed of energy recovery.

Put this together and you can do more hits a day.  Each hit is a chance at gems and good speed ups.  At each increase in monster level the quality of the rewards improve.

So yes absolutely, increasing your monster level research increases the % chance of gems and also the value of those gems.


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Wyrmbone circlet is a helmet that gives research boost.  Elder garb makes a good substitute for cavalry mail if you need coal for other gear.  If you need platinum for lost island relics as a F2P player, tome of saints makes a decent substitute for vise grips.  Neither off hands nor chest pieces give you a noticeable boost, so I went with tome of saints and elder garb since vise grips and cavalry mail use materials I need for other gear.

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Why do you say you use Trickster over your Dark Follower for research when research is a passive skill always Active from all heroes who possess that admin skill and does not need a hero change to be implemented? Am i right or am I right? :)

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very useful guide thanks

Sumit Kaushik