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[Guide] Construction and Research: How to Effectively Use Gems in Speed Up

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Posted on 2017-04-09 06:39:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

The objective of this guide is to:
1. Value your gems more
2. Convince you not to use gems in low upgrades
3. Would get the maximum output you can get from gems

First I would like to compare this 2:

To speed up 2 hours and 11 minutes upgrade you'll need 231 gems

Now to speed up 43 days 17 hours and 7 minutes upgrades you'll need 58,285 gems

based on the two data lets calculate the effectiveness of 1 gem per upgrade

1st photo:
2 hours and 11 minutes = 231 gems
1 hour is equal to 60 minutes, so
131 minutes = 231 gems
so 1 gem = 0.5671 minutes or 34 seconds.

2nd photo:
43 days 17 hours and 7 minutes = 58,285 gems
1 day is equal to 24 hours, 1 hour is equal to 60 minutes, so
62,947 minutes = 58,285 gems
so 1 gem = 1.08 minutes or 64.80 seconds.

So using this data, to effectively use gems, One should only speed up high upgrades. But lets go to the store to see how much is per speed ups.

a. 1 minute = 5 gems
b. 15 minutes = 70 gems
c. 60 minutes = 130 gems
d. 3 hours = 300 gems
e. 8 hours = 650 gems
f. 15 hours = 1,000 gems
g. 24 hours = 1,500 gems
h. 3 days = 4,400 gems
i. 7 days = 10,000 gems
j. 30 days = 40,000 gems

a. 1 gem = 0.2 minutes or 12 seconds
b. 1 gem = 0.2143 minutes or 12.8571 seconds
c. 1 gem = 0.4615 minutes or 27.69 seconds
d. 1 gem = 0.60 minutes or 36 seconds
e. 1 gem = 0.7385 minutes or  44.31 seconds
f. 1 gem = 0.9 minutes or 54 seconds
g. 1 gem = 0.96 minutes or 57.6 seconds
h. 1 gem = 0.9818 minutes or 58.91 seconds
j. 1 gem = 1.008 minutes or 60.48 seconds
j. 1 gem = 1.08 or 64.8 seconds.

Based on the data, we can say that the effectiveness of the gems is progressive on the gems used. If we graph the data, we will observe that from point a-f the points are far apart from each other and the jumps are rather unstable, as compare to g-j wherein the points are near each other.

Based on our analysis, although the effectiveness of gems is progressive as to the gems used. but going back to the prices. the price of g is 1,500 while the price of j is 40,000. while 40,000 is the most effective of them, but not everyone can buy using 30 days speed up. Even though g or 24 hours is not the most efficient, but considering the price and the data 24 hours is effective. (but I would like to advise you to read the next paragraph first before leaving)

Now which is better? to directly use gems or buy speed up then use it.
Lets go back to our first picture and second picture

1st picture:
Use directly: 131 minutes = 231 gems.

Buy then use directly: buy 2; 60 minutes and 11; 1 minute. This will cost 315 gems (if you don't use your free speed up.) but what if we use our free speed up, lets say we have 30 free minutes speed up.

Buy then use directly (w/ 30 min free speed up): buy 1; 60 minutes, 2; 15 minutes and 11; 1 minute. This will cost you 325 gems. Why? Because the difference between point b and c are too big (0.2143 and 0.4615).

More Effective way: buy 2; 60 minutes. This will cost you 260 gems.

Our findings.
As for low upgrades, It is better to use speed ups individually (by clicking your inventory) than using gems directly on them. While buying low speed ups using gems is a big NO. going back to buying 15 minutes, the point between 15 minutes and 60 minutes is too big. But still buying 60 minutes is not effective either. And using gems directly on the upgrade is much more economical than buying them separately

2nd picture
Use directly: 62,947 minutes = 58,285 gems

Buy then use directly: Buy 1; 30 days, 1; 7 days 2; 3 days; 1; 15 hours; 2; 60 minutes and 7; 1 minute. This will cost you 60,095 gems.

Our findings.
As for high upgrades, directly using gems is cheaper than buying them separately and using them

1. The effectiveness of gems is progressive as to the number of gems used
2. For low upgrades (those below 24 hours, I'll explain later why 24hours is our basis) use speed ups directly in your inventory.
3. Never buy speed ups, use them directly instead
4. As for high upgrades (those above 24 hours) use gems on them directly.
5. 24 hours is our indifference point, the point where using gems directly or from you inventory leads to nil or immaterial benefits, why? because as discuss before 24 hours is the most stable point (go back to point a-j)
6. The maximum effectiveness of a gem is 1 gem = 1.08 minutes (based on 2nd picture and store data j both of them is 1 gem=1.08 minutes).

While sometimes you have other use for your gems, this guide is only applicable to those who are planning to use gems for speed ups or are trying to catch up to hell events or solo events. Or for those who have much gems at their disposal, example you defeated the gremlins in labyrinth. 

Before you speed up, take note that only speed things up when you don't require help anymore. The value of 1 help is equal to 1% of the CURRENT time or 1 minute whichever is lower.

Example: You have a 30 days construction, here 1 help is equal to 432 minutes. But if you speed things up, lets say you use 7 days speed up, your 30 day construction is now 23 days construction, here 1 help is equal only to 331.2 minutes.

So before speeding things up, makes sure you already used all your help request. because the basis is CURRENT TIME.

You could ask any questions, even unrelated to the thread, I'll try to answer them if I can.

Posted on 2017-04-11 21:37:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

*corrected 1 data, outcome remains the same*

Posted on 2017-08-30 10:23:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

I've been wondering about this, so first of all thank you for this post.

I still wonder what would be better for me to do. I got 157 days of speed ups at the moment and saving them up for longer researches. I got some gems free to spend and wanted to use them only on the 30 day speed ups, not the lower ones since they cost more per gem.

So if you leave those lower speed ups out, would it be cheaper to buy a 30 days speed up or gem 30 days of research?

Posted on 2017-08-30 19:58:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you guys pay attention,the time is based on the speed ups, i think 30 maybe the max

Basically say a 31day research,itll cost a little more than 40k gems (30day speed up cost),about 41k (1.5k a day speed up but with reduction since its past the 30day marker) buying a 30day and speeding up 30days with gems directly is the exact same,except for example 31days, you sped up 30days and need to spend gems to finish it, youd need like 1k more instead of 1.5k

But ive done 100 days research and havent noticed any real difference to the 30day cost (x3.3)

Posted on 2017-08-30 21:11:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Good guide :)

24h is the magic number for gemming troops aswell.

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