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[Guide] Newbie Guide strategi for fast uping

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Posted on 2017-04-07 08:48:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

How to grow rapidly. I will tell you what my strategy. It is tested and works. Raise only the buildings that you wanted castle. The aim is first to get as quickly as possible castle level 17. Then you could make an army T3. The next goal is to raise the castle level 25 and then make the workshop assignments may open the third slot. It is very important for development! Along with the castle lift academy and also Embasi. You must have the following items:
Sentinel's circlet
Lunar Flute
You need 3 of each and to raise them to gold. They are extremely important for studies and buildings. Do clothes under level 40 so just wasting material. Other important clothing to keep are those of rhino and a griffin. The first character to be lifted gold is Trikster because it gives a bonus for speed reserching. On studies. It is important to raise at the beginning Minster Hunt and economy they are before anything else. If you do not have a developed economy will not have the army therefore. I'm afraid of monsters is important because it gives bonuses that help to the development. So before you explore everything advise you to focus on those two things.


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