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[Guide] Kingdom Clash

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1. Kingdom Clash is only available in Kingdoms that are more than 90 days old. This event lasts for 1 day.
Kingdoms will face each other in a 1 vs 1 battle. The system will pair Kingdoms based on previous KvK results. If there is an odd number of eligible Kingdoms, the unpaired Kingdom will not participate in Kingdom Clash.
2. Players cannot migrate during Kingdom Clash. Random Relocators and Relocators can be used to invade a rival Kingdom. (Players can only invade the Kingdom they are paired with.)
3. You can earn Solo, Guild, and Kingdom points by occupying Wonders, killing rival soldiers, destroying rival traps, and gathering resources and hunting monsters in rival Kingdoms.
4. Gem Lodes will appear in winning Kingdoms 1 day after the event ends. (Losing Kingdoms will not receive Gem Lodes.)
5. Players cannot attack or reinforce guild members that are from a different Kingdom, or participate in their rallies.

War Alert:
1. The Kingdom Clash will be previewed in the Event list 3 days before it begins.
2. During this time, players can check if their Kingdom is taking part and get ready for the event.

Start of the Event:
1. There will be a new News icon when Kingdom Clash begins.
2. There will be three events: Kingdom Clash, Guild War, and Solo War.
3. The victor of Kingdom Clash will be determined by Kingdom points. Kingdom points are accumulated by all players from the same home Kingdom. This event will last for a day. Points can be accrued by fulfilling event requirements. 
Note: Rival kingdom will only be revealed at the start of the event.
4. Guilds can battle it out in the “Guild War”. Guild points will be shared by all players in the same Guild (even if they are not from the same Kingdom). When a Guild reaches a checkpoint, all guild members will receive the checkpoint rewards.
Guild rankings will be calculated after the event ends. The top guilds in the event will win many rewards. Guilds will be ranked alongside other guilds from their home kingdom and rival kingdom. 
This event lasts for a day.
5. Players can also get solo points for the “Solo War”. They will receive rewards once they reach a checkpoint. Players will be ranked with other players from the two Kingdoms (their home Kingdom and their rival Kingdom). Rank rewards will be distributed after the event ends. This event lasts for a day. 

How do I travel to a Rival Kingdom?
1. During Kingdom Clash, rival Kingdoms will take on special appearance. (Note: Each Kingdom will only have one rival Kingdom.)
2. Players can tap on the “War Transportation” button and use a Random Relocator to enter rival Kingdoms.
3. Players can also enter their rival Kingdom by tapping on a Wonder and using the War Transportation feature. They can also tap on an empty spot in the Kingdom map, and use a Relocator to move over directly. 
4. Players can attack other players, Wonders, and hunt Monsters in rival Kingdoms.
5. Players can also use the War Transportation feature to return to their home Kingdom.

Battle Period
1. Players can only stay in their rival Kingdom for 4 hours. Once the time is up, they will be sent back to their home Kingdom.
2. Every time a player goes to their rival Kingdom via War Transportation, their Battle Period (4h) will be reset.

Get event points from:
A) Occupying Wonders
1. Bases and Forts will enter the “Kingdom vs Kingdom” phase when the event begins, regardless of what phase they were originally in. For the duration of the event, they will stay in this phase and will not enter Protection Phase.
2. The Commander and all guild members who helped occupy a Wonder will earn Solo Points. They get a fixed amount of points for every minute they occupy the Wonder.
3. Guilds occupying Wonders will earn Guild Points. The guilds get a fixed amount of points for every minute they occupy the Wonders.
4. Kingdoms occupying Wonders will earn Kingdom Points. The Wonder will belong to the home Kingdom of the player that occupied it. The kingdom gets a fixed amount of points for every minute it occupies the Wonder.
B) Killing rival soldiers
1. During Kingdom Wars, enemy Turfs and Resource Tiles will change in appearance to make them apparent to players.
2. Players will earn event points when they cause a player from a rival kingdom to lose troops in battle (killed or sent to the Infirmary).
C) Hunting monsters in rival Kingdoms
1. You can get event points by damaging or killing monsters in a rival Kingdom.
2. This allows player with active Shields to participate in the event.
D) Gathering resources in rival Kingdoms
1. You can get event points by gathering resources in a rival Kingdom
2. This allows players with active Shields to participate in the event.
(Note: Players will not gain points if their Turf is transported back to their home Kingdom before their troops return.)

Scoring Phase
1. 30 minutes before the end of the event, scoring phase will begin. During this period, players are no longer able to earn points.
2. All Wonders will go into either Protection or Battle Phase:
Protection Phase: At the start of scoring phase, Wonders that are occupied will enter Protection Phase. The Owner of the Base will become the Overlord or Conqueror.
Battle Phase: Unoccupied Wonders will enter Battle Phase, to give players a last chance to take control of them.
3. Players can only use "War Transportation" to return to their home Kingdom.
4. Battle Period will be reduced, to ensure that players return to their home Kingdom and not remain as targets in a rival Kingdom.

Ranking Rewards
1. Solo and Guild Rankings will be announced at the end of the scoring phase.
2. Gem Lodes will only spawn in winning Kingdoms. Losing Kingdoms will not receive any rewards.
3. Lv 1 - 5 Gem Lodes will spawn every 6 hours (at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, and 18:00 (GMT -5)).

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Good information

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Good information. Thank you

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Are the gem lodes appearing only one day?