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[Guide] The Knowledge is Power Contest

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i love this game i am newbie in this game 
it is so great

Just do it
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Always make your biggest army's and ull always win trust me.

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Leta go i need these gems

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Knowledge is power([gl&]gladiadores Latinos)

1.the level of a resources determines the speed of gathering and materials to be found,but be warned high level resources are close to enemy territory so u could be attacked.
2.u can defeat a monster by researching monster hunt in the academy and also hunting a monter with a refused level
3.help.w guildmates to increase ur level n guild and also receive guild keys wh3nn a mate defeats monster

Captain fantastic,
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Hey thx for the stuff

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"Knowledge is Power"
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Topic - Protect yourself.
Hello friends,
As we play a strategic game we must know how to protect ourselves. We are provided many combats like shields and false info. Shield protects us from scouting and attacking enemies. There is specific duration of sheild. But always remember that never scout or attack any turf while sheild is active. You will loose your sheild. False info is the combat that predicts your army twice the original one.
Barrack is the another most efficient method of protecting our army. We can send our army with our leader to barrack for the decided time duration. The attacking dnemy cannot harm the army present in barracks. If u r confused in barracks then i will let u know that barracks is an element in our turf.
Providing the required upkeep also supports our protection. The energy n strength of our army is flourished by proper upkeep.
After every attack we must heal our soldiers from Infirmary. Upgrade infirmary to increase capacity of healing.
These are some methods of protecting ourselves.
Our kingdom is our glory. Healthy and strong kingdom can fight n win every challenge. Army and resources are very precious elements. Protect them for having a great experience of Lord's mobile.

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we will unstall this game...why only chinese take all kingdom ..why cheapest gems for chinese only..when we have server problem Chinese players attack us..why ?.igg  reply me..  chaobhaskarphu@gmail.com
CHAO BHASKAR  this is my lords mobile id..

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