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[Guide] I need Help

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How do I acquire more Gems and increase my Might?

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I want to know as well. I have been trying for a couple of a while now. And nothing has increased drastically and might is low. If someone could direct me or send something for me to get help. It would be appreciated.

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There a familiar under pact 3 called gremlins something that gives you gems if you unlock it on elder stage and also having a good guild that hunts will give you gems. Do events like kvk and all events that give gems and after very kvk there will be gems collection. Get a kingdom that always win kvk k736 is good and get the level 5 gems when they are out. Play colesseum get the good heros up and work on monster hunting skills. Save every sped up and things on bag for later grow

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this link explain all ways to get gems

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how to unlink google account ??