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[Guide] Guide for Lords Mobile

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by [#639] GreySquirrel


Congratulations, you have completed the tutorial and are now the Lord or Lady of your very own castle! But your journey is only just beginning. Now you find yourself alone in a vast kingdom, surrounded by much stronger rivals. Don’t worry! With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to advance quickly and, someday, challenge even the strongest opponents.



The first thing you will need is some strong allies to help you on your journey. Joining a guild will provide many advantages:

You can share resources and protect each other from attacks. 

Your guildmates can help you with construction and research projects, significantly reducing the time needed to complete them. You can also receive Guild Coins for helping them with their projects, which will allow you to buy other things that you need.

Joining a guild allows you to hunt monsters and to receive gifts when your guildmates kill monsters.

You can participate in other special events with your guild and win prizes.

And, of course, a good guild will also be able to help answer any questions you might have and provide advice.

If you have a friend who already plays, see if you can join their guild or if they can recommend another one for you to join. If not, try to find a guild with a large number of active players, preferably one where most players speak the same language as you, and which is friendly to new players. 

I would strongly recommend, once you finish the tutorial, find and join a guild before doing anything else. Most guilds will have their castles clustered together in “hives”. When you first start the game, you will be given a Novice Relocator item which will allow you to move your castle anywhere, even to another kingdom, for free. However, you can only use this item for a few days and only before you reach Castle level 6. If you wait too long, it will be more difficult to join them.


Building Up

It may be tempting to go out right away and start attacking other players. After all, that’s what the game is all about, right? But not so fast… After all, they can also attack you and, unless you’re in a newly-opened kingdom, the other players will be much stronger than you. It will be hard to advance quickly if your castle is getting burned all the time!

When you first start, your castle will be shielded, preventing anyone from attacking you. This shield will last for up to three days, giving you some time to grow. Use this time wisely! You will lose this shield if you attack or scout another player’s castle, so don’t do this until you are ready.

Instead, focus on construction and research early on so you can grow quickly. Also, make sure you have construction, research, and troop training going at all times. At first, most construction and research will only take a few minutes, so you’ll constantly be starting something new. Later on, projects will start taking longer so it will help to plan ahead so that you are doing the longer projects while you are sleeping or otherwise busy.


Resources and Gems

Of course, all of these projects require more than just time in order to complete them. You’ll also need a lot of resources (commonly called RSS) as well. These resources include Food, Stone, Timber, Ore, and Gold

You can obtain these resources in a number of ways, including completing quests, hunting monsters, guild gifts, attacking other players, or just having your guildmates send you some. But one of the best ways to obtain resources is simply to send troops out to gather them. Resource tiles will be scattered throughout the kingdom map, ranging from level 1 to 5. Higher-level tiles will have more resources on them and will be faster to gather from. Around the outer edges of the map, you’ll only find level 1 tiles, with higher level tiles becoming available the closer you get to the Base in the middle of the map. There is also a small chance of finding additional materials while gathering, which can be used to craft equipment.

However, be aware that other players can attack your troops while they are on a tile gathering. Although “tile hitting” is very strongly discouraged by most players, the game does allow it, so you may wish to keep an eye out and be ready to recall your troops if someone does attack. And don’t attack another player’s tile or even one where they are already on their way to the tile unless you are prepared for the potential consequences. If you accidentally send your troops to a tile that is already claimed, you can use a Withdraw Squad item to recall them before they arrive.

The other important currency in the game is Gems. These can be used to purchase a wide variety of items as well as speeding up your construction, research, training, and other projects. You can earn Gems by completing quests, monster hunting, special events, competing in the Colosseum, and several other methods in game.

You can also get Gems by purchasing special packs with real money. While it is entirely possible to play the game without paying anything, even a relatively small investment can greatly speed up your growth. In particular, early on, you will be offered a “Breakthrough Bonus” pack which gives you a large number of gems when your castle reaches certain levels, for a total of 200,000 gems. Completing one castle level of this bonus may well earn you enough Gems that you can instantly upgrade all buildings to the next level, allowing you to grow very quickly. There are also some features, such as special Heroes and equipment, which can only be obtained through purchasing packs (or occasionally, through special events).


VIP Level

Another important feature to know about is the VIP level system. Everyone starts at VIP level 1 and you earn points for each day you log in, with higher amounts of points earned for each consecutive day you log in. You can also earn VIP points through monster hunt rewards, special events, and other methods in game or purchase them with Gems.

Increasing your VIP level will give a number of benefits, including experience bonuses, more guild and admin quests, and best of all, free acceleration on all of your construction and research projects. This means that, instead of waiting the entire duration it would normally take to complete the project, you can complete it several minutes earlier. At VIP level 1, you get 5 minutes of free acceleration, but by level 8, you get up to 21 minutes. Since many lower-level projects only take a few minutes to complete, this means you can complete them almost instantly, especially when combined with getting helps from guildmates.

I would strongly recommend using the first few gems you get to upgrade your VIP level to at least 7 or 8 as soon as possible. In addition to the bonuses above, this will also allow you to instantly complete guild and admin quests. Instead of having to start one quest, wait a few minutes for it to complete, and then start the next, you can instantly do all of them at once.


Once you complete the second turf battle, you can click on the Hero statue to access Hero Stages. You can use a team of up to 5 heroes to battle NPC enemies. 

Clearing each stage will unlock higher level stages and reward you with various items including trophies which your Heroes can equip to increase their stats. Once they have all the available trophies, you can also rank them up, further improving them. As you progress through the stages, you will encounter additional Heroes who will join you. Both you and your Heroes will also earn experience points as well. Stages will get much more difficult as you progress, so you may want to research which Heroes are best to handle the more challenging stages. 

Clearing stages will also unlock Elite Stages, which are more difficult versions of these levels that will also reward you with medals for your Heroes. Collecting enough medals will allow you to enhance your Heroes even further.

You will need a certain amount of Stamina to enter each stage, usually 6 for normal stages and 12 for Elite stages. Stamina recovers slowly over time but you can also use a Braveheart item to instantly restore 120 Stamina. There is a maximum number of Bravehearts you can use each day, which depends on your VIP level. 

Monster Hunting

Once both you and your Heroes have leveled up a bit, monster hunting will become another very good way to progress. You will need to complete Monster Hunt research to unlock the ability to fight these monsters, as well as being in a guild. You can complete further research in this tree to unlock the ability to fight higher level monsters and to fight them more effectively.

You will need Energy to attack monsters. Your energy will slowly recharge over time. Like resource tiles, monsters come in 5 levels. Higher level monsters will require more Energy to attack and will be much stronger, but will also give better rewards. These rewards can include Gems, resources, shields, and materials used to craft equipment. Each monster will have its own materials that only it can drop, so you will need to determine which monster has the particular items you need. 

Each monster will also have its own strengths and weaknesses, so you will want to choose the correct Heroes to attack it with. Clicking on the “I” button on the monster hunt screen will bring up a description of the monster, along with what type of damage it deals and what type it is strongest against. Generally, you will want to send Dexterity-based heroes against magic damage monsters and Intelligence-based heroes against physical damage monsters. The description may give further hints about the best ones to use, but you should also research online to find the best combinations for each monster or experiment with different combinations yourself.

You can choose between either attacking the monster once or using a damage boost to attack it as many times as possible with your remaining energy all at once. However, you cannot choose to attack a specific number of times at once for anything less than this number, so if, for example, you have enough energy for 7 attacks, but only need to attack 5 more times to kill the monster, you can only choose to send single attacks one at a time or do the 7x attack and waste the extra energy.

As with tile hitting, it is also possible to steal someone else’s monster, but this is very strongly discouraged by most players and likely to get you and your guild attacked if you steal someone else’s monster. If the monster isn’t at 100% hp and you’re not sure if someone else is attacking it, it may be best to leave it alone and look for another target. However, if someone is unable to finish off a monster themselves, they will often post it in guild chat so that their guildmates can then kill it and everyone still gets the reward.


Another important use for your Heroes is the Colosseum. This allows you to battle against other players’ Heroes. There are two types of Colosseum battles, attacking and defending. When you are attacking, you can select an opponent, see which heroes they are using, and then choose your team to battle against them. However, you do not actually have any control over the Heroes during the battle. You get 5 free entries per day and can purchase more with Gems or use familiar skills to get additional entries. When defending, you set up a team in advance and other players can challenge your team. 

If you attack a higher-ranking player and win, you will switch places with them in the rankings. If you are ranked in the top 5000 for your kingdom, you will earn a certain number of gems every 3 hours, depending on your rank. This can be one of the best free ways to earn gems if you can maintain a high ranking. Again, it will help to research what the best teams are for both defense and for attacking various opposing teams.

There is also a Constellation bonus, which changes every week and gives bonuses to heroes which match certain requirements. Always try to take this bonus into account when choosing your team.

Talent Points

Completing quests and most other activities in the game will earn player experience for you. Once you get enough experience to level up, you will earn Talent Points. You can use these points for various bonuses. I would recommend focusing on the construction speed and research speed talents on the right side first, followed by training speed. Later on, you can reset your talents as needed and even unlock the ability to save different setups to use for different situations.


You will choose one of your Heroes to be your leader. You can equip this Hero with equipment which will significantly improve your stats, such as for combat, research or construction speed, monster hunting, or other tasks. Eventually, you will want to craft several different sets of equipment and swap between them depending on the situation. Remember that, for most tasks, the equipment only needs to be equipped when you start the task and then you can switch to another set. For example, if you have research speed equipment, you only need to equip it before you first start researching something in order to earn the bonus and then you can switch to a different set.

You can also place your leader and other Heroes on your Wall to assist in defending your turf or send them into battle when attacking other players. Each Hero has their own set of bonuses that they offer. You will need to actually send the Heroes into battle or have them on your Wall to take advantage of their combat bonuses. Some Heroes also have administrative bonuses such as increased research speed which are always active, even if they are not your leader or on your Wall.

However, keep in mind that if they lose a battle, your leader can be captured or even executed. If they are captured, you will lose all benefits from your equipment and talent points as well as the Hero’s bonuses until they escape or are released. The person who captured them may allow you to pay a ransom for their release or might just release them for free if you message and ask nicely. If someone attacks them and wins, it will also release all of the leaders they captured. If your leader is executed, you will need to revive them using a Revival Fruit, which can be purchased with Gems or Guild Coins.

If you’re not shielded, you can prevent your leader from being captured when someone attacks by sending it to your Shelter along with some of your troops. You should always try to make sure you either have a shield up or your leader is sheltered when you are not online. It’s not the end of the world if they do get captured, but it will definitely slow you down until you get them back.



With all of this, you should be well on your way to getting started. But obviously, this is just the beginning and there will be a lot more to learn. There are a lot of guides online which will cover every aspect of the game in greater detail, so don’t be afraid to search for them or ask your guildmates any specific questions you may have.



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I can't join any guild because it's showing me restricted kingdom what can i do for join a guild

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