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[Guide] Building Strategy!

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by [#519] ThunDeR Pro

This guide is about Building Strategy. It is for EVERYONE. I think it will help not only newbies but also mediocre players & veterans. For f2p & p2p both. Presenting the most comprehensive & elaborate guide on construction:


Starting with Construction. I have divided it into 4 categories:






This includes the startup buildings. In other words, what to build, how many to build & why build only that much.

● Resource Buildings:

6 Lumber Mills, 6 Quarries, 5 Mines, 1 Farm

● Troop Buildings: 

8 Infirmaries, 8 Manors, 1 Barracks

● Familiar Buildings: 

1 Gym, 1 Monsterhold, 1 Mystic Spire, 6 Springs

● Other Buildings: 

1 each of the remaining buildings like Workshop, Academy, Battle Hall, Altar, Prison, Trade Post, Vault, Castle, Castle Wall, etc.

That covers what to build & how many to build. Now I will tell you why:

Q: Only 1 Farm?

A: Because the upkeep will always be higher once you have troops. So it’s better to use that space for other resources.

Q: Why more Lumber Mills & Quarries than Mines?

A: Because most upgrades need more Wood & Stone than Ore.

Q: Why so many Manors?

A: They make Gold & speed up troop production.

Q: Why 1 Barracks only?

A: Because they only increase training capacity (how many troops you can train at once).

Q: Why so many Infirmaries?

A: To save all your troops.

Q: Why 1 Monsterhold?

A: Because you can't build more. lol.

Q: Why 1 Mystic Spire?

A: Because they are like Barracks. They only increase the number of Pacts you can merge in one batch.

Q: Why 1 Gym?

A: Because it is sufficient. You will not be able to train Familiars after Lv20 unless it reaches a higher stage with runes obtained from pacts. You also cannot assign Heroes to the 2nd familiar in the 2nd Gym if you have them all assigned to the 1st familiar in your 1st Gym. As such, there is no point in having multiple Gyms.

Q: Why 6 Springs?

A: Because you need lots of Anima & Springs also increase pact merging speed. Faster pact merging means more pacts per day. This means you can grow your familiars faster. You also need Anima to research familiar trees & make Skillstones later on. 1.2M for Gryphon!


It’s obvious that you will have to increase your building speed [in technical terms, construction speed] because you have to build so many things. Here is how you can increase your construction speed:

1. Research Construction Speed = +70% Boost to construction speed

2. Max out the talent: Construction Speed I = +40% Boost to construction speed

3. Max out Talent: Construction Speed II = +65% Boost to construction speed

4. Construction Equipment set

Helmet: Noceros Mask

Armor: Lightning Guard

Legs: Gryphon Walkers

Main-hand: Terror Lash

Off-hand: Gryphon's Talon

Accessories: Sentinel Circlets*3

 5. Heroes:

Scarlet Bolt = + 20%

Sage of Storms = + 20%

The Big Guy = + 30%

Witch Doll = + 20%

6. Build boost [obtained from the Labyrinth, Guild Fest rewards, or buying packs] = + 10%

7. Overlord boost = + 10%

8. Engineer Title from Overlord = + 10%

9. Architect Title from Baron = + 10%

10. Gemming Gremlin familiar skill = + 5%

11. Royal Battleground label [Master Builder] = + 10%

12. Royal Battleground Imperial title [High Priest] = + 10%

* #Total Boost = + 497.5%

* #Possible for f2p without any titles= + 387.5%

With 387.5%, 100 days get reduced to 20 days. Add 30 helps & it gets reduced to 15 days.

So you are building it 6.66 times faster. Even more, if you are a p2p.


When there are so many things to build & level up, people are often confused about what to build first. I will tell you sector-wise.

● Among resource buildings, level up 1 of each type as high as possible [which will be needed to level up other buildings]. It’s fine if the rest of your resource buildings are at level 10. You can upgrade them once you are done with important buildings.

● Among Familiar buildings, it’s quite clear. Level up 1 Spring & all other buildings first. It’s fine if the remaining springs are at level 10 only.

Now we come to the main area. Castle is a very high priority. Should be upgraded as soon as you meet the requirements for it.

Once you have upgraded the Castle, immediately upgrade the Academy & Workshop - the other two most important buildings.

In between, keep upgrading the Embassy. It is important too.

● Trading Post, Watchtower, Vault, & Manors are low priority. Should be upgraded only after all high-priority structures cannot be upgraded further or if you need them to upgrade other structures.


As you keep growing, your requirements will change & thus it is not recommended to stick to the same basic build.

A time will come when you will have a lot of troops. You will then have to demolish a few Manors to put up more Infirmaries.

If you decide to hyper-resource your account, you will have to scrap your resource buildings to convert them all into one type.

Since it requires too much EXP to level up, especially in the last 3 levels, once you have all the necessary runes for your familiars, you will have to take down some Springs to make way for more Gyms.

[Because we have a pact merging speed booster build at the start, you will max out on runes before you max out Familiar levels. This will only happen much later in the game.]

So it's necessary to understand what your requirements are & make changes whenever required.


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Very useful... Thanks