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[Guide] Best Research Path for Strong Accounts

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     By [#700] ChittiRobot

Research is the most valuable might that you can add to your account. Other might (except for troop might) play a negligible role when compared to the value provided by research. It will give your account an edge over other players and with the right research, you can get ahead of others in the long run.

This guide will help new and intermediate (free to play or low spending players) alike. Before we go into what research should be done in which order, there are some things that will help you immensely. These are:

1.Trickster: A hero you must get to gold asap. He will give you a research boost of 25% at gold, and the boosts are in effect the moment you hire him; he does not need to be selected as your leader.

2. Research equipment: Most important equipment is the Lunar Flute in the accessory slot. You can equip up to 3. Once your Workshop reaches level 25, invest all the materials you get from gathering into crafting this equipment and other research equipment like

Electric Lance(Lv50): From the monster, Noceros 

Cavalry Mail (Lv35): From gathering materials

Gryphon Walkers(Lv55): From the monster, Gryphon

Vice Grips (Lv35): From gathering materials

Wyrmbone Coronet(Lv60): From the monster, Jade Wyrm 

*The Lv denotes the player level at which you can equip these equipment.

** There are some better options but they are harder to get and the bonuses are not worth the effort.

Note: You have to equip equipment right before starting research. You can change equipment afterward. 

3. Research Boost: 10% and 20% Research Boost items can be obtained in various events. Kingdom Research Boost 10% can be activated by the Overlord of the Kingdom, you can ask the Overlord to activate it or take advantage of the opportunity when he does.

4. Scholar Title: This title gives an additional 10% Research Boost and can be given by the Overlord or Regent of the Kingdom.

5.Familiar Trickstar: A Familiar from Pact 3 named Trickstar (not to be confused with the hero Trickster) gives 5% research boost. While it is not much, it is still worth the mention.

6. Get Helps: Join an active guild where people press Help quickly and religiously.

7. Time your Research with Hell Events: This will get you Gems, resources, medals of Watcher, Speed Ups, Energy and many more rewards.

Remember all these boosts work only when you have them active before starting a new research. It does not affect ongoing research if you activate boosts after research has already started.

Now that we have taken care of preparations for research, it's time to get to the meat of the guide, but first, let's divide it in 4 groups:





The order of research to focus on will change depending on the group you belong to.


1. Monster Research Tree

One of the most rewarding research you can do (not recommended for trap accounts), for you and your guildmates. This tree is also very good for doing Hell Events.

2. Economy Research Tree

Another important pre-C17 research. Doing it will help you with resources needed (ignore if trap). Focus especially on construction speed and any one resource you want to hyper produce.

3. Military Research Tree

When you can't do monster and economy research because of your Academy's level, do military research. This is the most important research for trap accounts.

4. Military Upgrade Research Tree

Do this if everything else is locked.

**Ignore Defense and Upgrade Defenses research, we can always do it later .


Once we upgrade the Academy to level 17, we are going to change our priorities drastically

1. Familiar Research Tree

Go all out on this tree and try to open Pact 3 as fast as possible. Time everything with Hell Events for extra benefits. Pact 3 has the most important Familiars if you want to get Gems, resources, equipment materials and attack power. Focus on getting Aquirius while unlocking Pact 3.

2. Monster Research Tree

After opening Pact 3, resume monster research once again.

3. Military Research Tree

Unlock T3 troops.

In case everything from point 1-3 is locked, focus on Economy, Upgrade Military, Army Leadership, Military Command.


We have done most of the difficult work reaching Academy level 25. It is tempting to unlock T4 and do all the things we were unable to do until now, but resist these temptations because we are going to take a longer route. Why? Because we are playing the long game and we want to take a route which will make us stronger than others in the long run, hence we are again going to follow the post-c17 pattern.

1. Familiar Research Tree

This time, go all out until you open Pact 4. This will give you more Gems, Jewels, free troops, more hunting

(ignore Pact 4 if trap. Pact 3 can be ignored but not advisable because of benefits)

2. Monster Research Tree

It's time to become a legendary monster hunter! Complete the tree.

3. Economy Research Tree

To unlock T4 troops, this tree needs to be completed, except for Gem Gathering. Max out everything else.

4. Military Research Tree

Time to fulfill your desires and to unlock T4.  Don't stop till it has been unlocked.


Post T4 research is based on what you want to do with your account. Your goal must be clear because these researches require Archaic Tomes which are hard to come by and are needed in large quantities like 18k, 20k etc.

1. Military Research Tree: Counter Research

This is very useful for getting strong and fast. You will not only do more damage but also will be able to reduce damage taken. It is also the cheapest when it comes to Archaic Tomes. (5,616 tomes to be exact). No matter what you go for, it will help.

2. Familiar Battles Research Tree

Another force multiplier. Try to unlock at least 3 Familiar battle slots. You can do this once everything else is done or while the rest are locked. It will require 18,081 archaic tomes.

Now choose a goal and research based on that. Trap accounts should ignore the following.

Rally Fillers: Sigils tree is a must (20,132 Archaic Tomes)

Rally Leaders: Wonder Battles research is must (23,602 Archaic Tomes)

T5: Gear research (20,116 Archaic Tomes)

Once you are done with these, you can go to Defense and Upgrade Defenses research though it's not necessary after this point.

More useful tips:

1. Gathering: To get materials for research equipment

2. Bargain store: Always buy Archaic Tomes whenever you get the chance as you will need a lot of them.

3. Cargo Ship: Always buy everything. You may get lucky and get Blazing Embers, Archaic Tomes etc. Invest in the familiar Totempest.

4. Phantom Knight: Save energy for the Phantom Knight event. It will give you Speed Up Research items and Holy Stars.

5. Guild: Join a guild that supports you and hunts monsters regularly.

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never ever put trickster as a leader. dont forget that

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