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[Guide] Zero to Rebound

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by [#806] WizzyTooth

While PvP is a great feature in Lords Mobile, when you are starting out and building up your new kingdom, getting invaded by another well-established player is an aspect of the game that is tense and often followed by your army getting decimated and your leader being captured. Such a devastating situation makes you feel like quitting the game because of how much repair you have to do after.
Well, don’t worry! By following a few key recommendations, you can prevent significant deaths for your army, and rebound quickly so you can go back to enjoying the game.
The basic way of saving your army (Beginner):
1. Using the Shield item
This prevents any invaders from attacking your Turf. No muss, no fuss.

2. Using The Shelter to your advantage.
If you know that you will be offline for an extended period of time, you can actually send most of your army and your leader to the shelter. When you are under attack, the shelter protects all units within your army including your leader from being captured and destroyed.

As you make progress (Intermediate)
1. Infirmary:
a. By now, you should have 1 or 2 Infirmaries that are greater than Lv15. 
b. The higher your Infirmary level is, the more injured troops it can store for healing and quick recovery.
c. While many players will think having multiple infirmaries will ensure that no troops will die in vain, there is no reason to do so. Two infirmaries at level 25 in late game should be more than sufficient if you follow the following tips.

2. Sanctuary
a. After being attacked, the Sanctuary has two functions:
b. Whatever army overflow from the Infirmary (meaning beyond the full capacity of the Infirmaries you own) will end up here and will be able to be revived in two ways:
● Resurrection: After 5 minutes of waiting, a portion of your army will be available for revival with a single click.
● Divine Resurrection: Divine Points can be used to resurrect your troops (the number of points depends on your troop tier/amount).
          1). Divine Points will slowly accumulate over time
          2). You can also collect Divine Points in bulk by completing daily Divine Tasks. 
(NOTE: While many will only accumulate the points they need to resurrect their full army, it is important that you finish all of the tasks given at hand because unused divine tasks are carried over to the next time you visit the sanctuary. This way, you will spend less time waiting to complete divine tasks and quickly resurrect your army so that you can go back to playing.)

Those that are quick with your fingers (Expert/Competitive)
When you see that an attack is coming your way (you will usually be notified by push notifications), you can quickly send your army to multiple destinations rather than trying to bear the invasion and hope that your army survives.
a. Use a Relocator or Random Relocator
    If you use this item in time before the enemy arrives on your Turf, then the attack becomes void and your army is protected.

b. Sending your army to a camp, resource farming, or to another guild member
● By sending your army to another tile, you can protect your army from being destroyed.
●The safest option is to send your army to a stronger guild member since camp tiles and resource tiles are still vulnerable to attack.
● This technique will be limited by your single army capacity so it may require multiple dispatches.
By utilizing these various available options, with quick thinking on your feet, you can reduce the number of times your army gets killed by another player when they invade your Turf. 
As for resources, as long as you do not have resources beyond your Vault’s capacity, meaning you don’t use resource items preemptively, you reduce risk of your resources being stolen by invading players. This ensures that you won't lose any resources other than Gold which will become protected as well when you hit level 25 Vault.

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True thing , i was zeroed by PLA twice  forgot to shield , but did not have enough infirmaries to recover had to do divine tasks to bring the army back to life, before i could shield my fort my manager in the software development company in bangalore walked in on me i had to close sad day got zeroed again

Kill PLA