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[Guide] Newbie's Guide Topic: How to get resources rapidly

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Posted on 2021-03-25 21:27:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

How to get resources rapidly
by [#518] Mystic Yuka1

General Information:
There are five main types of resources - Food, Stone, Timber, Ore, and Gold. Apart from these, there are Anima and Lunite as well. These resources are needed for nearly every activity in the game.
     1. Food, Stone, Timber, and Ore are useful for Construction, Research, Troop Training, and everything. 
     2. Gold is useful for Research and Training Troops. You need a lot of Gold. Trust me, A LOT! 
     3. Anima is useful in certain researches that fall under Familiars and Familiar Battle trees. 

General Resources: 
    1. Food: This is found in the green resource building area (lower right). It is produced by Farms. However, don’t be fooled by its name. Troops won't die without food, but they will deplete the food in your storage. 
    2. Stone: This is found in the green resource building area (lower right). It is produced by Quarries. 
    3. Timber: This is found in the green resource building area (lower right). It is produced by Lumber Mills. 
    4. Ore: This is found in the green resource building area (lower right). It is produced by Mines. 
    5. Gold: This can be found in the red resource building area (upper right). It is produced by Manors. Manors share the same space as Infirmaries and Barracks so you will need to keep an appropriate ratio according to your playing strategy. 

Special Resources: 
    1. Anima: This resource is produced in Springs in the Skirmish 8 area. It is useful for merging pacts to obtain familiars and other familiar researches. You can't gather it on the map. 
    2. Lunite: You will learn about it after you unlock your T4 troops. As this guide is for newbies, I won't discuss this here. 

How to obtain resources: 
    1. Gathering: General resource tiles of various levels can be found on the map. The higher the level, the more resources there are to gather. Remember to use gathering speed equipment and Boosts. The best gathering equipment comes from the Noceros monster, and Legs from Allied Voyage. Offhand equipment materials can be obtained from gathering and material chests. 

    2. Resource Buildings: Resource buildings produce resources until the maximum storage capacity is reached. You can gather beyond storage capacity but buildings will not produce further. 
        a. How to increase production? 

        i. Increase the building level

        ii. Do research in Economy

        iii. Forge resource production equipment 

        iv. Upgrade heroes to Gold

        v. Activate a turf boost

        b. How to increase storage? 

        i. Increase the building level. 

        ii. Do research in Military command

    3. Hunting Resource Monsters: Irregular events spawn monsters which do not require any Energy to hit, but gives free resources upon killing. Kill them when the event comes around to get as many resources as possible. There are monsters for Food, Stone, Timber, Ore, Gold, and Anima.

      4. Buying Supply Chests.     
      5. Doing Hell events, KVK, and other game events to get resources.

How to get resources rapidly 
       1. Attack castles with a bunch of unattended resources.
       2. I suggest that you focus on single resource production within your castle. You can get the remaining resources from your Guildmates.
       3. Never miss the resource monsters.
       4. Opt for supply chests as and when required.