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[Guide] Guide: All Guild Fest Quests 100+ points (full list)

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This is my 1st post.  If you see anything missing from the list of quests at the end, or anything else that needs changing, please let me know.

I have often searched for a listing of all the Guild Fest quests, and I have not had much luck finding any such listing.  I'm sure I am not the only one who has looked for something like this, so I decided to create my on, but I do not want to horde it for myself, I want to share with others who might want to know what quests could possibly come up in Guild Fest.  It is on that basis that I start this simple guide to guild fest quests.  

As guilds grow, their guild fest participation increases.  When looking to advance in the gauntlet ranks, you need to set higher level goals for your members.  The first goal most guilds set is for each member to average 100 points per quest.  Therefore, this guide only has Guild Fest quests that are 100 points or above.

Guild Fest Gauntlets

Quests that are available to guilds are based on the Gauntlet level that a guild has progressed to.  These gauntlet levels range from Beginner to Master levels.  The number of quest attempts each member has is determined by the gauntlet level that the guild is in.  Every Guild Fest, guilds from each gauntlet are randomly matched up with 19 other guilds.  These 20 guilds compete against each other for the highest score in their group and extra rewards at the end of Guild Fest.  The top 5 finishers in each grouping are advanced to the next gauntlet level for the next Guild Fest.  The bottom 5 finishers are relegated to the lower gauntlet level in the next Fest.

Guild Fest Quests

The tasks in Guild Fest can be broken down into two generic types.  Regular quests and random quests.  The regular quests are available at every gauntlet level and are the quests that tell you exactly what your mission to complete the quest is before you select the quest.  Not every regular quest is available at every gauntlet level.  For example, the "Encounter Guardians" quest is not available until a guild has reached the intermediate gauntlet.  Other regular quests are for even higher level gauntlets.

Random quests are different from the regular quests in that a person will not know what they have to do to complete the quest until after they have committed to do the quest.  The quests are randomly chosen.  Be careful choosing these, some require you to pay real money.  For example, there is a 200 point random quest that requires you to buy 10 packs from the store.  If you are lucky, that can be as cheap as $10 (US), but if you are fully F2P, then you will fail that quest.  That said, there is a good mix between easy and hard quests in the random quests, so if you are the gambling type, grab a few of these.  You might get lucky and score some easy points for your guild.  The below screen captures show the quests that could come up when you select a random quest and explain what you will need to do and how long you have to complete the quest.

Expert Random Quests

Master Random Quests (Still in Progress)

Regular Quests (Greater than 100 points)
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Type QuestSub-typeSpecificsTimePoints
cargo shiptrades8 trades24 hours102
cargo shiptrades32 trades96 hours146
colosseumbattles25 battles48 hours111
colosseumrank up55 spots48 hours102
completeadmin quests150 quests18 hours102
completeadmin quests120 quests6 hours106
completeadmin quests170 quests24 hours112
completeguild quests150 quests18 hours102
completeguild quests120 quests6 hours106
completeguild quests170 quests24 hours112
completehero stages100 stages96 hours112
completeVIP quests10 VIP quests72 hours109
complete phase 3hell events1 hell event24 hours105
complete phase 3hell events4 hell events48 hours141
complete phase 3hell events3 hell events9 hours169
complete phase 3hell events6 hell events48 hours189
complete phase 3hell events7 hell events60 hours213
complete phase 3hell events5 hell events10 hours242
complete phase 3hell events10 hell events60 hours285
complete phase 3hell events8 hell events16 hours352
complete phase 3solo events8 solo events96 hours147
darknestget essences4 essences36 hours104
darknestget essences6 essences48 hours134
darknestget level 19+ essence2 essences24 hours107
darknestget level 19+ essence4 essences36 hours154
darknestget level 19+ essence6 essences48 hours201
darknestrally captain only4 battles36 hours117
darknestrally captain only6 battles48 hours153
encounterlabrynth1 guardian24 hours126
encounterlabrynth2 guardians48 hours168
encounterlabrynth3 guardians60 hours209
familiargain familiar exp w/ exp items10,200 exp24 hours127
familiargain familiar exp w/ exp items17,850 exp36 hours140
familiarmerge skillstones1 skillstone12 hours105
familiarmerge skillstones2 skillstones18 hours128
familiarmerge skillstones3 skillstones24 hours152
familiartime reduced merging3 days24 hours100
familiartime reduced merging10 days36 hours111 (or 130)
familiartime reduced merging16 days48 hours156
familiaruse familiar attack skill1 attack6 or 12 hours115
familiaruse familiar attack skill2 attacks18 hours137
familiaruse familiar attack skill3 attacks24 hours160
familiaruse fragments120 fragments24 hours104
familiaruse fragments400 fragments36 hours135
gatherfood12.5 million19 hours115
gatherfood18.75 million72 hours119
gathergold2.5 million25 hours115
gathergold3.75 million72 hours119
gathergold3.75 million38 hours143
gatherore7.5 million17 hours115
gatherore11.25 million72 hours119
gatherore11.25 million25 hours143
gatherresources30 million72 hours119
gatherresources20 million29 hours122
gatherresources30 million44 hours152
gatherstone10 million22 hours115
gatherstone15 million33 hours143
gathertimber10 million22 hours115
gathertimber15 million72 hours119
gathertimber15 million33 hours143
gatherclear level 5 tile1 tile12 hours107
gatherclear level 5 tile2 tiles18 hours124
gatherclear level 5 tile3 tiles24 hours141
gatherclear level 5 tile5 tiles48 hours175
healwounded troops480,000 troops24 hours103
hitmonsters80 hits96 hours113
hitmonsters90 hits72 hours121
increase mightbuildings120,000 might30 hours133
increase mightquests160,000 might30 hours144
increase mightresearch600,000 might12 hours100
increase mightresearch2.4 million might30 hours147
increase mighttotal might2.4 million might30 hours147
increase mighttroops600,000 might12 hours100
increase mighttroops2.4 million might30 hours147
mysteryanyrandom24 hours125
mysteryanyrandom48 hours150
mysteryanyrandom72 hours175
mysteryanyrandom96 hours200
openmystery boxes40 boxes96 hours139
purchasespecial bundles3 purchases24 hours100
purchasespecial bundles2 purchases12 hours119
purchasespecial bundles7 purchases36 hours133
purchasespecial bundles10 purchases48 hours157
rankrank top 70 in hell event7 hells60 hours300
rankrank top 70 in solo event2 solos48 hours143
sendhelp40 helps24 hours106
sendhelp120 helps96 hours137
spendgems25,000 gems3 hours110
spendgems50,000 gems4 hours141
spendguild coins500,000 coins3 hours101
spendguild coins1 million coins4 hours138
supplyfood37.5 million12 hours105
supplygold30 million12 hours105
supplyore30 million12 hours105
supplyresources60 million12 hours110
supplystone30 million12 hours105
supplytimber30 million12 hours105
time reducedusing speed ups10 days worth36 hours101
time reducedusing speed ups16 days worth48 hours131
trainsoldiers600,000 troops24 hours115
useholy stars30,000 stars36 hours118
useholy stars50,000 stars48 hours149

Mercer17 (UID: 413199125) - From what I can find, he created the first good list of all guild fest tasks several years ago and this was the inspiration behind the spreadsheet my guildmates and I have tried to create and present here.

Hephbot - No idea who is behind Heph, but whoever it is, thank you very much.  Hephbot is incredibly helpful for all aspects of Lords Mobile so I encourage everyone to check it out.
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Very nice!! Lots of hard work went into this. Great job! I'm really looking forward to seeing posts from you in the future.

I would note that this list does not include Master Gauntlet tasks. I'd also combine "encounter" and "use" into one main category of "Labyrinth" (spelled correctly lol) since they're kind of related to each other.

There appear to be some quests missing. Although, it could just be my brain is fried. I feel like there are several point values for the top 70 event quests. Is this list a work in progress or a final version?

HephBot was developed by Heph. (Hense the name.) Several contributors are responsible for various aspects of the information in HephBot, but Loveskippy is the driving force behind most of it and has been the one compiling the Random Quest data. Check out the command HephBot Invitations for the full contributor list.

Also, if you don't know what HephBot is, it is a Lords Mobile help bot on the free messenger app Line. It is a fan run information pool and not in any way affiliated with IGG. To friend it, search Line ID @mks7977e.

HephBot a great resource for short summaries. I call them recipes (add this, do this, voila). If you're looking for extremely long explanations that include the why behind the recipe, I have some information on my website Lords Mobile Guides by T.

I am just an average player with too much time on my hands and an obsession with Lords Mobile. I am not an IGG employee nor am I affiliated with IGG in any way.

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aka_T, thanks for the feedback.  It's definitely possible we are missing a few quests and we will be trying to update it each guild fest to make sure it is and remains accurate (and try to correct my spelling errors too.  :) )

As I'm looking over the list now, I do agree that there are some top 70 Hell events missing and possibly a ship trade or two missing.  So yeah, will definitely capture those in a couple of weeks and update.

We do have Hephbot on Line and I've friended it, but just did not know who was behind creating and updating it.  Thanks for that info.

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Great list! Only thing missing is the gauntlet. Which quest comes in which gauntlet

Posted on 2019-03-18 08:49:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

What about the execute prisoner quests? Which gauntlets? And there are at least three different amounts... Any info on those would be great.

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Hi, great post thank you! Do you or any readers here have an explanation of the extra quests available in master gauntlet? They are even more vague than the usual tasks ... any help appreciated.

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Hi, it's been a while I read this but I still wonder how to type it properly in guildchat to works .. please help me provide some exact sample on how to type it properly please please .. thank you

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Hi, it's been a while I read this but I still wonder how to type it properly in guildchat to works .. please help me provide some exact sample on how to type it properly please please .. thank you