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[Guide] Lords Mobile Trophies

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Posted on 2019-01-17 02:49:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi. Iw wanna know whats Trophies do in game. I see they have (for example) 1% ghather resource, but how must placement trophies in game.

Posted on 2019-02-09 09:39:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

I think this app has a lot of useful information. My nephew developed it and I started using it and got way better surprisingly. 

Here's the link to it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rpmsolutions.LordsMobileTips.

Any feedback is welcome!

Posted on 2019-02-09 22:08:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

When you say Trophies, do you mean the items you equip onto your heroes? Or are you talking about something else?

If you are actually talking about Trophies, they are dropped during Hero Stages and are used to enhance hero stats and to rank up heroes. They are equipped in your hero toolbox and cannot be removed once equipped. This article will explain more under the Ranks section:

I have a feeling though you might be referring to equipment or, as most call it, gear. These are forged in the Workshop using materials, can be equipped when looking at your main profile, and can be switched as often as you'd like.

The purpose of gear is to enhance your player stats. Different gear affects different stats. So in your example, if you have a piece of gear that provides a resource gathering boost, you must be wearing the equipment when you arrive at a resource tile to gather and it will allow you to gather faster than if you had gathered without it.

A very common mistake about gear is when you put the gear on after you've started something or take it off before you start something. To get the boost, you must have the gear on when you start the action that the boost affects. For example, research gear. If you equip a Lunar Flute in the middle of a research, it will have no effect. You must be wearing it when you start the research. Or for gathering speed/army capacity, you must be wearing the gear when you arrive at the tile. If you take it off while your troops are still walking to the tile, you will not get the bonus.

Another common mistake involves your leader. Gear that provides an ATK, Max HP, or DEF boost is only active if your leader is sent into battle (for offense) or if your leader is NOT in the shelter while you're at home (for defense). Gear that affects Traps and Wall DEF is only effective when your leader is at home and NOT in the shelter.

If the boost is not related to war, you will recieve it regardless of where your leader is (in a battle, in the shelter, etc) as long as the gear is equipped before you start and remains on until the timer starts running. If your leader is captured, you will not get any bonuses at all from gear or jewels regardless of what you were wearing when he was captured.

Of course... If you weren't talking about gear, sorry for the random rant. :)

I am just an average player with too much time on my hands and an obsession with Lords Mobile. I am not an IGG employee nor am I affiliated with IGG in any way.