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[Guide] Challenge Stages Chapter 8 Guide (P2P)

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Challenge stages chapter 8

I'd like to preface this guide by saying that I used mostly P2P heroes which I understand turns the F2P player base off, I do apologize for that but I wanted to use the heroes I felt were best suited to completing these stages as painlessly as possible. If you have any questions please leave them down in the comments section and I will try to read them in a timely manner (I work a lot). I hope you enjoy this guide and I hope it helps you!

1. Grim Wolf, Dream Witch, Witch Doll

Very straight forward and easy, position Grim in front with the enemies facing away from your party using his MP for the 3rd round.

2. Rose Knight, Black Crow, Grim Wolf, Night Raven
If you don't kill everything before 55 seconds remains adds will spawn and you lose, keep that in mind when completing this stage. Nothing note worthy here just make sure to use MP to beat that clock.

3. Rose Knight, Dream Witch, Witch Doll, Twilight Priestess
Save Priestess MP for 2nd round and use on Shade as soon as you start, burn him down first. Make sure you have Dream Witch MP for 3rd round to dispel Oath Keeper buff at the start.

4. Grim Wolf, Dream Witch, Witch Doll, Twilight Priestess
Burn the adds down as soon as the spawn in the 2nd round. Have full MP for everyone on 3rd part and use at the start, have Priestess stay on Dream Witch and make sure to interrupt her.

5. Rose Knight, Shade, Ethereal Guide, Tracker
The 3rd round is really hard, try and use Tracker MP to equal out both guys hp bars and have Shade hop back and forth with his MP. Make sure to save Rose Knights MP specifically for interrupts.

6. Dream Witch, Witch Doll, Rose Knight, Petite Queen
Very easy stage with Dream Witch, the 3rd round just make sure to save Witch Doll MP for when Sage spawns.

7. Grim Wolf, Dream Witch, Black Crow, Tracker, Petite Devil
Very easy stage again, save Petite Devil MP for the 3rd round when the obelisks spawn. Always use Grim Wolf's MP for positioning

8. Rose Knight, Watcher, Scarlet Bolt, Black Crow, Trickster
Make sure to take out the obelisk in the back the first round using Scarlet's MP. After the 1st wave in the 2nd round use Trickster MP to kill 2 obelisks and have Scarlet grab the other using her MP. Final round can be done 1 of 2 ways. 1st you can save all MP and try and burn down the back line, OR use disabling MP and take out Night Raven fast, either way works so pick what is easiest for you, after you kill the initial party however make sure you are healed and prepared for the adds that spawn in the back, I recommend saving Trickster and Black Crow MP to take them out as soon as possible.

9. Rose Knight, Witch Doll, Dream Witch, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil
Make sure you kill the harpy on the 2nd round, stun Watcher when he goes to use MP. Fill your MP before moving on. For the 3rd round make sure you are full MP no matter what, wait for Rose Knight buff to fall off use Witch Doll MP on the back line, I was able to get everyone but Rose Knight, as soon as you use Witch Doll MP then use Priestess MP on Prima Donna. This should kill her without much effort. As soon as Witch Doll's Ultimate fades use Petite Devils MP to stun the party. Focus on taking out Trickster and Sea Squire during this. After this combination the party should be just about dead so use Dream Witch MP and Rose Knight MP to interrupt the remaining hero's and guarantee you an easy victory.

10. Rose Knight, Grim Wolf, Tracker, Black Crow
Another no healer stage so time for Grim Wolf to really shine, try and position him ahead of Rose Knight using his MP.
The 3rd round of this stage is a bit tough, use Grim to position Ethereal Guide away from the party using his MP.
Always burn down the annoying Reapers first and make sure to use Black Crow MP to help Grim with the archers.

11. Rose Knight, Petite Devil, Witch Doll, Dream Witch
Enemies spawn at the 55 second marker each part of this stage so it's a race to finish as fast as possible. The 2nd round of this stage I hit the center group with Witch Doll MP and followed it up right after with Petite Devil MP to try and keep that group clustered for optimal damage. At the end of stage 2 fill your MP but don't hit that 55 second timer. The 3rd stage is a tight race, just blow Ultimate after Ultimate and try and keep him permanently disabled, save Rose Knight MP for interrupts.

12. Grim Wolf, Petite Devil, Black Crow, Witch Doll, Dream Witch
Every one of these stages without a tank I just appreciate Grim Wolf so much. Adds will spawn at 55 seconds and kill your party, so kill all enemies before that time. First round make sure to take out Scarlet Bolt asap. 2nd round make sure to take out Demon Slayer, again avoid the 55 second marker. Final round is a tight race, make sure to dump everything after you get Grim Wolf positioned with the Death Knight facing away from the party using Grim's MP.

13. Grim Wolf, Petite Devil, Witch Doll, Dream Witch
Watch for the lift on the Air elemental in the 2nd round. Make sure to interrupt meteor in the 3rd round and use Grim's MP to position the Fire elemental away from the party. Earth elemental spawns early in the round, just focus on killing the Fire elemental first then switch to the Earth.

14. Death Knight, Rose Knight, Demon Slayer, Child of Light
This one took a while not gonna lie. First two rounds just try and focus on taking out the back line asap to avoid unnecessary grief from the Air and Water elemental. The 3rd round is tough but as long as you use your stuns for only the ultimate and the heal you will make it through I promise. Right after interrupting the elemental's are applied with a defense reduction, be sure to use Demon Slayer MP here for the most damage.

15. Dream Witch, Witch Doll, Rose Knight, Petite Devil
First round take out the back elemental's as quickly as possible. 2nd round make sure you drop your Witch Doll MP in the middle, you can hit almost every target. 3rd round rotate stuns on the ultimate, sometimes may take 2 as the resistance is higher on these next few stages. There is another Elementalist so be prepared after the first dies. Again make sure to interrupt and everything should be fine.

16. Grim Wolf, Witch Doll, Dream Witch, Petite Devil, Snow Queen
First two rounds take out the tanks asap. Final round make sure to take out Tracker asap, use Snow Queen MP to interrupt her ultimate. Make sure to use Grim Wolf MP to position Tracker away from your party.

17. Rose Knight, Shade, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt
Look I'm gonna be honest on this one, I tried hundreds of compositions and this was the only one that cleared it for me, if it doesn't work for you try something else. The Beatrix Prank obelisks are the stuff of nightmares! First round take out the healer and the obelisks first (if you can, demon slayer has a mind of his own). 2nd round take out both healers first then the obelisks and fill MP on the 2 turtles. 3rd round is a nightmare, how I had to do it was to use Tracker and Scarlet MP on Petite Devil right off the bat, I tried to avoid doing damage to the healer as much as possible because he spawns 7 Beatrix Prank obelisks when he dies. After killing Beatrix I hopped to the turtles when the healer died, OH $&%#! The obelisks spawned and I worked them down clockwise and kept Scarlet in the back on those two. It all ended with Scarlet and 1 obelisk remaining and by the grace of God I managed to complete it. If you find a better way to do this one I would highly recommend it. This stage was horrible.

18. Rose Knight, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
This one also took some time and quite a few different compositions to figure out. I liked this one the best. First round just burn these 3 down, nothing special. 2nd round I popped Petite Devil MP as the enemy moved closer, followed up with Rose Knights to ensure quick kill and interruption. The 3rd round takes a bit of luck, if you have Petite Devil MP and have prayed to the RNG Gods try popping it at the start and pray it stops Rose Knights immune from going off. Follow that up with Twilight Priestess using her MP on Dream Witch. Use Rose Knights MP when Femme Fatale attempts to use her Ultimate, and use Dream Witch's MP when the other 3 attempt their Ultimate's. Use MP on cool down from that point on and it should be a quick and easy fight. All of this banks on Petite Devil getting that first stun on Rose Knight so you may have to attempt this one a few times, or try a composition you feel suits you better.

Congratulations you have completed Chapter 8 of the Challenge stages, there is no sweet reward (like I was hoping) other than bragging rights and a small stockpile of those 50 gem completions. I will be working on a guide for bronze, silver, and gold challenges when I have some more time off of work, until then good luck and have fun! I hope you enjoyed this guide, I wrote it because I could not find anything on the challenge stages after Chapter 7 and was hoping to use my experience to make it easier for the next guy. Hopefully this has helped you and can't forget Happy New Year!

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Thank you for this guide and the detail of it :D kind regards

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