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[Guide] Tips on Gathering Gear

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Posted on 2018-12-21 15:22:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ever sent troop to gather a full tile but you see them returning with either half or 3/4 of the resources and leaving resources on the tile?
So reason behind it is your gear.
Whenever you send your troop to gather with carrying capacity gear on. You must NOT change your gear till your troop reach the tile and start gathering . If you sent them with carrying capacity gear and when they start traveling you change your gear, then definitely your gear won't have any effect.
However, if you sent your troop to gather a tile that is far from you like 10 minute walk. You can equip yourself with carrying capacity gear and send them to gather. Between the 10 minutes, that is during the 9 minutes of walks. You can change your gear to whatever you want.
And just before your troop reach the tile, you just have to make sure to gear yourself with the same gear that you sent your troop to gather with. (that is the carrying capacity gear!)
After it reach the tile and start gathering. You're now free to change your gear again.

I hope this little information can help some people.