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[Guide] Unlocking T4 in 11 months as free to play

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Posted on 2018-12-19 10:47:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Unlocking T4 as free to play is a big challenge in this highly pay to play game. It is possible but you have to play smart and will need patience. Below are the things i did to unlock T4 troops on my 100% free to play account in about 11 months of playing.  

First and foremost, your main focus should be RESEARCH. So make sure you gather level2 tiles to get materials [platinum is a pain to get] to get your gold flutes as soon as possible. And the first hero you need to upgrade to gold is Trickster. Forget the rest until trickster is done. 

For buildings, treasure trove will be the focus (You need castle C17 to unlock trove, so rush to C17). Get it as high as you can and start collecting gems every months. Upgrading to level 9 will be a big investment of gems but it will be worth it in the long run. For your castle i suggest getting C25 as soon as you can to unlock that 3rd accessory slot once you upgrade your workshop to 25. I know many people say it's better to remain at C24 to get those watcher medals from hell events but lets be realistic here: the amount of time it will take to get a gold watcher as free to play is insane! As of now, i have a green watcher and 9 medals. My goal was to unlock T4, and that 3rd slot for a 3rd flute was priority to me.

Now what do you research first? Monster hunting tree. Get it as high as you can. And join a monster hunting guild. This is the KEY. I would never have been able to unlock T4 in 11 months if i didn't join hunting guilds. The speedups/gems/rss from the gifts will boost your might by alot. When did i join my first hunting guild? After my home kingdom opened and i was about 25mil might. By this time if you have monster tree at level 7-8, you can easily meet the requirements of the guilds which will be around 10 lvl1s per day. Use the speedsups from guild gifts to boost your hunting tree to level9. Now you can focus on economy or military, your choice.

Now gems. Do NOT use your gems for anything except to buy the materials needed to upgrade your prison, altar and battle hall. You will need 600k gems (200k for each) just to be able to upgrade these 3 bad boys to level 25 in order to unlock academy 25 which will allow you to research T4. Try to stay around 500 in colo to get a nice return of gems which will be useful. 

Events. Always complete big researches when there are good rewards like speeds, uncommon rares etc. Participate in guildfest, kvk and other events which gives some nice speeds. The last ogre event has been incredible for me. I migrated to a dead kingdom and killed so many of these. Like nonstop. That's what allowed me to boost my battle hall to 25 which was the last building i had to upgrade. So keep an eye out for these events and take full advantage of them.

How did i manage troops/shield/getting attacked? By being unshielded most of the time and always keeping my rss below vault level. I only shielded when i knew logging in would be difficult, during kvk, during guildfest or when i had to hold big amounts of rss from my hypers to do big researches. My focus was T4 and not hoarding troops. You have no reason to keep alot of t3 troops if you are not a trap! Why would you waste gems to buy shields to protect useless t3 troops? You probably know that you hide troops by using shelter and a fake rally. So what i did was to only keep enough troops to fill my shelter and a fake rally. Which for me was about 500k troops. 250k in shelter and 250k in fake rally. All i had to do was log in and reset both before the 8hr fake rally ended. You also have to keep in mind that darknests reset everyday at UTC 5am. 500k troops was more than enough for me to join darknests, gather rss and even attack. Right now I'm 120mil might with T4 troops and im still unshielded most of the time. So there's no way that lower mights can't protect their troops unless they make alot of troops for no real purpose. You will also save alot of shields from gifts which will be useful once you start boosting t4. I got about 1 year of shields sitting in my bag.

Familiars. My setup is 2 gyms, 2 spires and the rest springs. First familiar to elder is aquiris to get that free STA everyday. This will help alot to color up your heroes. Then i got harpy to max to increase my shelter by 50k. Other helpful familiars from pack 2 are Territe, Tempestite, Totempest, Bonehead.

Gold. After gems, gold is going to be a big problem to get those military researches to level 10. It will be impossible for you to do these big researches if you do not have a reliable gold hyper, without having to constantly ask your guild for gold. 

Hope this can help some of you. Ask if you got any question.

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Cool story :)

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Congratz :0

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thanks for the guide

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Great guide, thanks for helping everyone out :)

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Does ur guild hunt lvl 1 or lvl2 monstee