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[Guide] The short essence transmutation time protocol

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Posted on 2018-09-10 15:55:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

So I have been playing with this idea since they did the event where you would transmute essence and get crazy gifts after checking in the event page. So basically once you win ra rally against a drak nest you get essence, you transmute that essence and get gifts, but your never too sure, if the essence is going to be long and what gift you are going to get. So why not just transmute short essence all day, collect 6-7 gift a day and then at night while sleeping transmute a big and long essence. You would be capitalising on your transmutation lab this way and get more gifts.

So here is what I look for, this is for me, a trap account, where my attacks aren’t that crazy, test it out on your own castle and if not conclusive on bigger DN do it on smaller one like I do. Basically I stick to Dn3 and DN2 if not a lot online or during KVK. I go for paired number essence only, so 4-6-8 and sometime 10. The higher the might for the level of essence the more likely it is to be short essence. And yes it is not a guarantee, right now I’m at 90 % success rate, in the pass it was 80 % and before that no one could predict those.

For an example, let’s say I have two lev 3 nest, one is 18 million might and lev 8 essence, the other one is 19 million might but lev 6 essence. I’m going to go for the lev 6 essence first. It has a lot of more chances to be a short essence then the other one. Beside I still have some in my lab that is still getting transmuted; I have one short essence with 1 hour left on it. And I’m holding off to a lev 15 for the night, let’s say. I try the rally, 90 % of the time its 3 hour essence I get. If it’s not I delete it and try another nest. I will likely not try the other 8 essence; it has less chance of coming up. I scout some more and find another lev 8 essence at 24 million might. Now this one as some good chance of paying up. I win, I collect my short essence, finish the transmutation of my other, start the new one, a slot opened up, go again.

I run a lot of rally in one day, but the 90 % success rate on short essence is point on, beside I get to try some nice line ups sometimes. I rarely lose a rally, so it’s fun at the same time.Test it out on DN3 first, then go for DN4, but I do have a felling it’s going to be a lot less conclusive on bigger DN, so far my teammates have not been getting good results. So I’m sticking to my smaller rallies and the gifts are flowing for me and my guild.

Any thoughts, improvement, I am more than happy to hear you, but been testing this for 2 months now and the math doesn’t lie. 90 % after running a good 120 rallies.

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Posted on 2018-09-11 00:42:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you for taking the time to make this. :)

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