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[Guide] Mips' Rally Leading Overview Video & Text

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Posted on 2018-07-12 01:26:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMvGags-fBg

Video Script
Hi I’m CaE Mips and today I’m gonna cover something I get asked a lot, what a rally leader in higher kingdoms generally need and what you should consider before thinking you can compete on the world stage.

First of all, there’s no cutting around it. You need lots and lots of money.
You need absolutely good gear, jewels and gold army heroes as baseline in most kingdoms.
There’s a default set of 60 gear that most rally leaders go for and switch around to minimise/maximise their stats for particular rallies but the bar is set at that tier.

Rally leaders also constantly spend gems on army size boosts, guild coins on talent resets and need attack boosts to ensure the guild’s maximum efficiency in order to succeed which do add up after rally leading day in and day out.

Second thing you need is knowledge of how play the game, fight and very critically something miss out on, is psychology and analytics of your target.
Can your target shield? Will he shield? Will his guild reinforce? Is your target asleep? How has he reacted before? How does the typical player respond, is he acting like a typical player?
These are all questions I see good rally leaders go through typically during a rally and it is very apparent when rally leaders don’t go through this.

Third is willingness to learn, the ability to analyse their mistakes and improve for the next rally is something I highly value in my rally leaders and despise if the rally leader does not learn. If a rally leader repeatedly makes the same mistakes, I typically will stop joining their rallies after their 3rd massive blunder.
This brings us to our forth point, morale and charisma. If the rally leader is not the best but has won enough rallies to boost the guild morale to join, then the rally leader is very successful in my book.
Let’s look at why I’m bringing this point up, someone who types in capslock JOIN RALLIES every 5-10 minutes and starts swearing at you for not joining when you’re already 90% full is not going to be very well liked. Respect and general courtesy should still apply even if you’ve spent a lot to help your team mates.

Now let’s move onto what numbers and gear I think is necessary in most kingdoms that have opened from protection in a progressive evolution.

The first stage is what I mentioned at the start, level 60 monster given gear, gold jewels & gold army heroes.

The next stage of this is champion gear. A lot of arguments for this is oh no, it costs $80,000 and above for champ gear but you don’t have to get all of them. You can get 1-2 pieces that will lift you up to the next level above regular 60 gear players which will set you a tier higher starting at purple for some pieces.

We have the third stage, multiple gold champ gear pieces. This is the stage where over 100s of players have reached in several kingdoms and is almost a requirement nowadays to rule over a kingdom. There’s no going around it, they have a lot of money and therefore they can use it to win.

The 4th stage is 11K heroes, yes this is 11 thousand USD. There’s no way around it, they have this much money and that’s why rally leaders who have them are so strong. These heroes give 60% attack of 2 types and 30% Army HP, completely giving an edge in comparison to people who don’t have them.

The 5th stage is owning a complete gold champ set. Three 11k heroes can give arguably more efficiency than 1 gold champ set due to variability and lower cost but they don’t work until they’re fully gold and hence why full gold champ has been classed further.

The 6th stage is owning multiple 11k heroes and multiple gold champ sets, yes multiple gold champ sets. We’re looking at easily over 200K USD here to compete at this level. These players are contenders for Feudal Wars and the global level rally leading fights.

The 7th stage is castle stars. It takes an insane amount of money to max out a castle star skin that costs 100 USD. I have been told it costs over tens of thousands or roughly somewhere there. There are 4 skins that cost 100USD and essentially 80 castle star skins you would need to go through to be able to compete at the very top of the world.

I hope you found this video informative and understand what it takes to be a rally leader in highly functional kingdoms, cya Mips.

R4 of [CaE]/ Cause and Effect.
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Posted on 2018-07-12 04:24:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

80/80 castle stars currently runs for ~50k usd if you buy all at once...
Those $20 packs are a godsend for rally leaders now lol

You need, on average, ~465 champ packs to gold one full champ set, so just multiply that by however much $100 packs cost you for a rough estimate.

One thing you missed is diplomacy. A rally leader without good inter-guild relationships won't ever get far. That's why you see so many big guilds in war kingdoms at once, and why you never see a guild win Baron/Emperor without help