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[Guide] Mips' General Player Guide - Support and Fighters

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Posted on 2018-07-08 07:20:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Youtube video linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiV98KiJAiY

Video script:
Hi I’m CaE Mips and today we’re going to discuss the two main type of players that people should consider to optimise their usefulness in a guild.

A guild consists of two main types, a support and offensive type players, fighters.
Support players do several things such as provide resources, optimise resource travel speed, send troop to rallies, speed up ally troops in rallies or send carpets and they also have their buildings optimised for support.
Fighters are the war hungry players, always sending troops, can rally lead & have their buildings optimised for war.
It’s possible to be a mix of both but usually a player has limited functionality due to time, money & experience cornering them into a certain role.

So let’s walk through from the beginning to the end, from below 80 might.
It’s approximately at 86 million might we unlock T4, allowing us to be useful in rallies and support our allies with reinforcements. At this level, we expect T4 research to be done, enabling you the T4 level combat research which divides you from the T3 lower level players.
This is a fundamental part where you should be analysing, do I have enough time & money to reach T4? Do I want to be useful to and become a hyper to provide my guild with resources? If yes, a support player can focus on their resource buildings & resource familiars, whilst slowly building up the necessary materials to achieve T4
Fighters may begin solo traps at this stage, they’re always pillaging, rally leading and have decent gear/money to backup their fighting. Some players try do this without money and end up sitting as a liability unable to do much but leech. There’s no reason to not build your hyper buildings at this stage but infirmaries will be needed instead of manors, making the difference apparent along with familiar monster focuses.

Now let’s take a look at what players generally will be doing at just below 200M might. We have some T4 & T3, we probably have seen people getting rallied around us and we have too many troops to hide. What do we do? We have to make sure we can hide our troops until we can boost higher, upgrade our heroes/ jewels/ research slowly and ready ourselves to boost into a rally trap formation.
Our support habits will remain the same, but the difference is now fighters have another level of fighting that opens to them, rally trapping. If you have sufficient troops to handle a rally and you’re confident with your stats you can do so, this can happen with the proper knowledge of your limits.

Moving beyond 300might and this is where the crunch time begins. Multiple rallies might be on you, your gear might be in the right place, your jewels, heroes, familiars & research might be coming together. This is the time where you decide, have I got the money and knowledge to become a rally leader? Can I fight off against the veterans in the game?
Support players retain the same resource production, supply lines they’ve been doing but now something else is added to the lineup in most kingdoms. Can I send troops to my allies whilst being rallied? Our troop composition at this time needs to begin transition from a <200M might account to one where we can handle a rally, ideally a rally trap build.

We’re not aiming to take a rally here but we sure do want to dissuade the enemy for going at us and for this, we need to do our research. Several guides and Youtube videos are out there with formations that may suit your personality and how you play the game. Do the research and start building to the point where you can be safe to engage in combat whilst supporting your guild.

Hopefully this guide has given you an idea of how the general progression through the game is nowadays and have fun out there.

Cya around, Mips.

R4 of [CaE]/ Cause and Effect.
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