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[Guide] Mips' Colloseum Video & Text Guide

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Posted on 2018-07-07 23:01:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Youtube video link:  https://youtu.be/byPZ6FvQsTc

Script for video:
Hi I’m CaE Mips and today we are going to talk about the colloseum, the basic team composition involved, team switchups and what staple heroes you need.
First off let’s look at what abilities a hero has and what they do. Here’s rose knight with her ultimate ‘Shield Throw’, which stuns the target for 1s and bounced 6 times.
Each hero has an ultimate, these are used having a full mana bar which is filled through abilities/ passives and taking damage.
Each hero also has 2 abilities which can be offensive, supportive or a mix occasionally. The 4th ability is the hero’s passive which strengthens the team or the hero.
It’s important to look at each hero, what they do and think about how they work well with other heroes as that’s how a team is formed.
We’re going to look at Demon slayer, the second hero who I highly recommend as a staple hero for each player.
Demon slayer’s ultimate spins and slashes, dealing 2 times in an AOE reducing M-CRIT for 5s. All you need to mainly take away is he does massive damage while reducing MCRIT in an AOE. His second ability is a jump which does massive damage. This skill is crucial and will be explained later in a battle clip. His third ability is an AOE spell which silences for 3s while dealing moderate damage.
Demon slayer’s full kit is basically an anti magic lineup which does massive damage, aims for the backline and is great against magicians. Since each team generally has a healer, demon slayer is the hero you need to wipe out their healer first. We’ll look more into why killing the healer as priority is important.
Folklore is our third staple who works for most teams, even at green. Her passive allows her to heal all allies upon death making her viable even if she dies. Folklore’s other abilities include a stun which deals considerable damage and a passive heal that you can’t control and her ultimate is a heal + barrier skill which reduces damage taken by 20%, note this isn’t a hard defence buff and works against magic/ physical, making her value increase.

Now let’s have a look why there’s no set team for the colloseum and why lineups need variability. The colloseum has a system which resets weekly called the constellation which boosts certain hero stats for the week, allowing different hero teams to be stronger or weaker each week. This allows people to always have a chance at victory and determines your success through your understanding of lineups.
My favourite lineup to use is a double assassination team consisting of a tank, a healer, two assassins and a support. The tank is the strongest one to take damage in the frontline, the healer obviously heals and supports.
The assassins are my burst damage dealers who aim to kill the enemy as quickly as possible, not allowing a dragged fight.
My support is my variable where I can choose to either boost my damage up and assist with damage.
Heal or debuff the enemy (dark follower) or heal/defend my own team while providing support with crowd control.
There are other lineups such as double tanks, rose knight and big guy. Heroes that are tanks should be ideally gold grade but big guy works well at purple. Other heroes involve include damage balance of burst and heal
Double tank, sustained damage and healing sustain damage made to endure assassins and deal sustained damage with crowd control and support skills to kill assassins.
Another common lineup is a pure physical damage ranged lineup which has the same idea as magicians but can pierce through soft targets through maximum damage skills like the magicians above.
Extreme variances can be made to each team, allowing either more magic damage or less physical and more defence but that ultimately depends on the enemy’s team and your team’s interactions.
And that’s a wrapup for our colloseum video. I apologise for the different audio volumes as this was recorded on my phone in different times and places during the day when I had time to play around.
Feel free to message me in game if you have any questions, you can find my username easily through CaE or join our lords discord where we currently are nearing 700 members with multiple channels discussing the game including a colloseum channel.
Hope you learned something and have fun.

R4 of [CaE]/ Cause and Effect.
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