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[Guide] Familiars which monster to train

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Posted on 2018-07-03 01:28:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have had many discussions regarding the familiars. I think for everyone but the high end game players, Aquiris is probably the most useful familiar. Here is a rather longish reasoning on the familiars worth mentioning (roughly in order of priority, including consideration of Pact level):

Aquiris: Even at only lvl 20 and adult, at worst you are getting an extra hour worth of speed ups each day (by sweeping stages that give 10 minute speed ups). If you don't have all gold heroes, he is huge, especially at higher levels. And, if you aren't max player level, he is indirectly granting an extra ~40k experience a day (again, by sweeping high stages)
Harpy: She is fantastic for players wanting to gain extra VIP points (I have already gained ~3000 more through her). But, her shelter expansion should not be overlooked, even for high level players. That is up 50k more soldiers you can keep safe. At lvl 40, her VIP ability gives 2 items every 2 days and 7 hours, which is good if you don't want to go to Elder
Territe: The free fragments will be extremely helpful over time as you start increasing high level skills. The pact merging was far more crucial prior to the new familiar gear. Now it is a nice, but not 100% necessary bonus. Between research and gear, I have 113% pact merging speed - the extra 13% I could get by maxing Territe does not seem worth the focus at this point. I got him to 20 and adult and stopped there.
Tempestite: I think his best ability is actually the Energy regen. It allows more monster hunting, which means more rewards. I think his last ability is actually pretty bad for how long it takes to reach. It requires a lot of runes and leveling to get 20k T1 every 3 days. By the time you actually get Tempestite to Elder and max, you would be able to train 20k T1 in a short period and they aren't that expensive.
Gemming Gremlin: I know he is Pact 3, but at max level he will give 750 gems a day. Unless you are a large spender or very high end game, that is still quite a bit. The extra construction speed doesn't hurt either.
Goblin: Similar to Gemming Gremlin, the extra gold will be huge at max, 9 million a day is very helpful, especially at the high end. Then, both of his other abilities are also useful.
Trickstar: This could easily be better than Goblin. The extra research speed is nice, extra ranged attack is fantastic, and the free holy stars items will be very nice as well. I do not have him to elder, so I do not know the frequency of the holy star items, so the ability might be more lackluster.
Magus/Boldur (very dependent on guild and actual skill): Filling up the help bar in one swoop is quite nice. It will help with Hell Events, and depending on your guild activity, fill it substantially faster. I will be testing the ability soon (Boldur currently at lvl 15), but how it is implemented could make a huge impact--if it fills the entire bar at once, at C25 that would be 30% instead of 26.1% from filling the bar 1% at time. That extra 3.9% can mean days off on the long researches.
These are familiars that I believe are misunderstood or vastly overrated:

Pyris: None of his abilities are useful in a real sense. Extra supplies only really matter when you are lower lvl, but then you are not really hit that commonly. Transmutation reduction of 10% might shave an hour of an essence, but you are still looking at time offsets that don't work well with a normal schedule (2 11 hour sets is not that different from 2 12). Finally, the troop kill is ridiculously expensive. It's surprising that people don't seem to realize this still, but one shot is 4750 gems. To kill T1 most of the time, maybe T2, and if you are super lucky some T3. 4750 gems to do that. You could use those gems on several thousand of your own T3 and it would be better spent. I believe (I cannot test this as I have not unlocked the ability) that merging skillstones means you cannot be merging pacts at the same time (feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this)
Sorcerer: This is at best, one extra essence a day. Since the essence loot is pseudo-random, you might just get some resources or wall repair. Eventually getting Sorcerer up makes sense, but there is a long line of familiars that should use the gym first.
All of Pact 4: I put these here because a lot of people focused on Grim Reaper and look at the Pact 4s. Grim Reaper in particular suffers from the same issue as Pyris - cost. Grim Reaper's ability is 180k gems. But, getting to Pact 4 is ridiculously hard. Aside from that, several of the familiars require the higher skillstone, which costs 180k gems. There are some players capable of spending that, but it seems dubious that the abilities will be all that worthwhile at that price. The best Pact 4 seems to be Hoarder if you are not heavy P2P - free jewels and extra deposit are pretty big boosts.
I am willing to discuss any others, or discuss my above points. Overall, Pact 3 seems very worthwhile, even though it also takes quite the investment to reach.