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[Guide] you can use to buy Coins Gold Diamonds Gems And All

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Posted on 2018-06-29 10:07:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

How To Get " Google Play Gift Card Balance" Free for Android SmartPhone 

you can use to buy Coins Gold Diamonds Gems And All

Hello everyone , now I will share about "How To Get Google Play Gift Card Free for android user" for you who do not know your android device can earn dollars just to download and install dollar earn an existing application his gift of  "whaff Reward" . with this method you can get the "Google Play Gift Card Code" free and legally .

how does this app work?
"WHAFF Rewards" is the solution for those who want to get a gift prize draw by simply downloading and earn dollars with gift/dollar that had a variation between $0.01 to $ 1.39 may be more than that

how to earn and get the gift card code google play?

1. search app by name "WHAFF Reward" from Play Sore Instal / Open And Login ...

2. Login Using Facebook Account And approve All Notice / OK

3. wait a few seconds and show the box and input the code JR40691 important: the chance to earn $0.30 only one time and one device and input This code JR40691  and OK

next please go to "whaff Picks" or "Premium Picks" to start earning dollars and downloading apps/applications rewards just Download And Play For 4-5 minutes to get rewards . register your attendance every day and you get reward $0.01 Every Day .earn dollars up until the minimum payout is $11.50 for paypal "If you have a paypal account", and $ 11.50 for "google play gift card"...

Next if the dollar or your earnings reach $11 redeem dollars For "Google Play Gift Card" 

Steps 1 Go to Menu Payout like this..

Next Tap on The "Google Play Gift Card Cost:(Min. $11.50)

And then Request $11.50 if you have earning $11.50 or more.  important : This is a US gift card. if you know to use it in your country ,Please request it at your own risk.

wait  2-3 working days. if you payout at the weekend requests will be made on Monday .if thats enough you wait for the arrival of the code you can check it in the  "check Gift code" and you go to Playstore to redeem into balance "Google Playgift card"  free and without charge mobile phones If you download reward using WI-FI only using android Device .

you can use to buy Coins Gold Diamonds and gems game Clash of clan,HayDay, Or app purchase with the balance $10 if u redeem this code on Playstore

★ Get Rewarded for choosing WHAFF's picks! ★

Are you running out of cash to buy your game items? Do you need gift cards for your online shopping? We can help you out! You can discover fun and useful applications and get rewarded for choosing them! WHAFF Rewards will let you browse through Sponsored Apps hand-picked by the specialists here at WHAFF and reward you whenever you complete our offers!


1. Login to WHAFF Rewards with your Facebook account.
2. Browse through new apps and download your choices.
3. Claim your rewards when it’s built up enough. You can redeem your rewards with online cash or gift cards!
Try WHAFF Rewards now and discover our new features!

Premium Picks

1. Installing Reward: Get rewards for downloading an app.
2. Daily Play: Get rewards for using the app. every day
3. Daily Reward: Get rewards for maintaining the app on your device
4. Daily Reward Completion Bonus: For some apps, get extra bonus for keeping your app for a designated time

You can use WHAFF Rewards with other reward apps. But if you get rewards for the same offer from other reward apps, you might not get rewards from WHAFF Rewards or vice versa.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@whaff.com

The following actions are prohibited:

- Using VPN, proxy or any others which allow fraudulent(abnormal) access to WHAFF
- Putting your invitation code in reviews
- Using multiple IDs with one device
- Using multiple devices with one ID
- Spamming invitation
- Any other actions that might cause harm to the benefit of WHAFF and its users

Those who engage in the actions above will get banned and the credits will be forfeited.

Please DO NOT engage any of the below when you promote your invitation codes.

- Promotion via deceptive ads on websites, apps or other properties, including simulated system, service, or app notifications or alerts.
- Promotion or install tactics which cause redirection to download links of the app without informed user action.
- Unsolicited promotion via SMS services.

Those who engage in the actions above will also get banned and the credits will be forfeited.

Please enjoy WHAFF with respect and commitment.