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[Guide] an okayish guide to t4

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Posted on 2018-06-13 04:07:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

T4 is a dream for everyone. Me too. I am very far from t4 but I used this build to progress really quick. now this build is only for those with c25. after you cross c25, demolish all barracks and keep only 1 and upgrade it to level 25, that way you can train 5k t3 troops every day. build and build 10 manors and 6 infirmaries in total. upgrade each to level 24 that way you won't lose troops through battle and training speed will reduce. swapping your gear is very essential. and keep resetting your talent points according to the action being performed. have 3 farms and 5 mills 5 quarries and 5 mines. keep your food to zero as the moment you get any food the troop's upkeep will eat it up so it'll go to a waste. swap it for food supply in the bag at the cargo ship. use it only when needed. now you must create 4 more accounts and each hyper farms one resource in particular. while you do research on your main account which takes days keep playing from your alternate accounts to level them up and once they are c17 migrate them to your main accounts kingdom one by one. keep transferring all your resources to your main account making it your bank. please do not use any gems on anything else other than special buildings and do not use speedups and take your time to do your research and construction needed to unlock t4. save all your speedups for the last 3 pieces of research which are more than a 100 days. always use a shield on your main and bank account. and eventually make your farming accounts as trap accounts with no infirmaries but only manors and 1 barrack. and 1 infirmary and 15 buildings of one kind of resource. train t1 troops in your trap accounts around 7m to 8m. and always follow a golden rule cavalry+range is the best combination for f2p players. thank you.

Posted on 2018-06-14 18:16:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Actually, I would say infantry and ranged is better since the materials for the gear spec are cheaper than cavalry. You said 3 farms then mentioned the troops will eat it all, which is true, but why 3 farms? No harm intended to the guide. Maybe just fix it up a little. If there's anything else that should be fixed, I'll send another reply

I make mostly guides, but will soon make some events with rewards in the future too!
Posted on 2018-06-15 00:21:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

i said 3 farms because when you use food supplies from your bag.. by the time you use them and go perform the task you used them for you burn up 100k to 200k supplies and then you need to go back to the bag and use more. if you have three farms they give you a little window to perform your tasks. and once you have like 3 m troops or so.. using food from the bag will become extremely difficult as 500k will burn in a matter of seconds.