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[Guide] Monster Hunting Tips

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Posted on 2018-05-03 03:22:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Everyone,

When you are Monster hunting here are some great tips or advise! Each Monster in Kingdom Map has specific types of Heros you can use that deliver great damage. You can locate this guide at LordsMobile Wikia (Click Link to be Directed to Monster Hunt). You can also make a quick chart on your phone, tablet, computer for faster reference.

During a Monster Hunt, you often come across the thought. "I ran out of Energy, should I use Energy from my bags?" In most cases yes, though some would disagree, you want to save your Energy from Bags for Events such as Solo/Hell or Game Events such as Huey Hops, Dark Phantoms, etc. Sometimes, the tendency to use from bags if more of the decision to go with but in the long run it saves you from buying Energy Packs from the Store or Gem Mall.

Now, a lot of people ask, "What Monsters should I be hitting?" Level 1 Monsters give you common gifts while Level 2 and higher give you decent to better gifts. If you have your Energy restored then go with the easiest otherwise if you have friends or guildmates than go for something a bit stronger or challenging. Also, consider the number of hits you give out, while 1 hit will give you decent rewards sending a full attack with multiple hits will give you something better.

If anyone else has suggestions, then go ahead and leave a comment! Anything helps..