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[Guide] Takehitsu's Basic Guides

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Takehitsu’s Guides

The Basics: A series of Basic Guides Written By Takehitsu

IGG ID: 321091771

Kingdom 8: Drayrien

Takehitsu's Guides

The Basics: Your Fortress

        In every game of this manner there is a City with which one must build up. There are a few hints on what is the most successful method on how to go about doing this. Here is my method and I will also give a brief description of other methods their strengths and their weaknesses.

For the Beginning let me define the areas. Area 1 has the castle itself

Area 2 Is the Starting Resource Area

Area 3 Has your municipal buildings Research, Prison etc.

It's mostly self explanatory but area 1 you want one Barracks, one Infirmary, the warehouse and watchtower.
Area 2 You want one of each resource.
Area 3 You are gonna build one of everything here as well.
The following areas however are not so similar.
Resource AREAS: For resources there are several plans. In my case I built in the second resource area Three stone, three lumber and two metal ore mines. The Third resource area I have two Lumber one Stone and three Metal ore.

Reasoning. By the time you have unlocked all three resource areas food cannot be produced fast enough. Your troops eat a ton of it and farms ultimately will not keep up. My troops for example, and I don’t have a very large amount by standards eat 150k units of food an hour. That means they eat 3.6mil a day that’s almost 4million units of food a day. When I need food I farm food tiles.

For the end count I have one farm, five Lumber mills, six ore mines and five Quarry's. I need wood and stone but not as much as ore.I build a lot of troops as much as possible and they take more ore than anything. I might change this in the future to four quarry, four lumber and eight Ore mines, but that remains to be seen on how late game resources come into demand.

Combat based Buildings, these areas build Barracks, Infirmaries and Manors. My counts are five Barracks, four Manors and eight Infirmaries. Note my strategy is more defensive than many others but here is a brief tactical plan for that.
This game protects your resources a whole lot more effectively than similar games. Thus the idea isn't to mass troops for that as much but rather focus on kills and making your city a brutal death trap. My Strategy is to be able to amass a huge defensive force that will not die because of the large amount of infirmaries. Strategy number 2 is the all out offensive Strategy you would have two manors two infirmaries and 12 Barracks. This method allows a person to build a HUGE amount of troops a good bit faster. This is for those who are attacking all the time and stealing Gold. The only real acquirable resource in the game, by taking from your enemies.

WALL And Traps

The wall should be one of three buildings you upgrade first every single time your Castle levels up. The Very first should ALWAYS be your research facility. Second should be the Workshop and Lastly your Wall.

The Wall is your key to defense, The bigger it is the stronger your defenses. It also allows you to build more traps. The longer your wall survives in a battle the more of your traps attack and the more damage overall your going to do. Concerning traps; The traps are the same rock paper scissors as the troops: infantry good vs archer, archer good vs cavalry, and cavalry good vs infantry. Traps have three types each focusing on a specific unit type. Spikes are anti cavalry Towers are anti archer and the logs or boulders are good against infantry.(Note siege is omitted from the rock paper scissors)
Keeping this in mind to be honest Many people will argue changing the balance as to focus more against infantry and cavalry is better, some say leave it even against all. I personally leave it even cause in the long run the enemy is going to have an even mix of all of them with one exception (See Guide on How to obliterate defenses, under offensive guide).
Heroes on your wall should change on two variables. when you have your wall standing and when your wall is not standing. When your wall is Standing your heroes boosts should be Focused on wall and traps. HP and Defense for wall and all around traps, in this case I try for trap Offense, as I have yet to see a single attack even wipe half a person's traps yet. (exception being attacked by someone significantly outclassing the defender...aka RBP)

For Questions MAIL Takehitsu

~April, 14, 2016~

Takehitsu’s Guides

The Basics: Defending Your Assets

The First part of this Guide is a Recap on The Building your city Guide. In Reference to a person’s Walls.

This Game is ALL ABOUT WAR. Which means there are two fundamental Basic concepts in everything you do within this game. Offense and Defense. This Guide is all about Defending what you have, and or preventing as much loss when being attacked as Humanly Possible. This Guide Will also Clamor on the beginnings of future Guides :How to research, and How to build Stats and what to look for.

First the most Obvious point Of all Your Wall.;

When looking at your wall there are a few Variables to Take note Of. First is note your walls HP that is one thing you WANT to spend resources to increase the more HP your wall has, ultimately the more useful it will be. The Second is your traps and it’s Count. On the safe side you want to divide this by three to balance the trap types out.

Concerning traps; The traps are the same rock paper scissors as the troops infantry good vs archer archer good vs cavalry and cavalry good vs infantry. Traps have three types each focusing on a specific unit type. Spikes are anti cavalry Towers are anti archer and the logs or boulders are good against infantry.
Keeping this in mind to be honest Many people will argue changing the balance as to focus more against infantry and cavalry is better, some say leave it even against all. I personally leave it even cause in the long run the enemy is going to have an even mix of all of them with one exception (See Guide on How to obliterate defenses, under offensive guide) Heroes on your wall should change on two variables. When you have your wall standing and when your wall is not standing. When your wall is Standing your heroes boosts should be Focused on wall and traps. HP and Defense for wall and all around traps, in this case I try for trap Offense, as I have yet to see a single attack even wipe half a person's traps yet.

As for troops there are two ways to defend troops if you go over your infirmary count. First I never leave Artillery based units out unless I am under the troop count covered by infirmaries. Once over the max infirmary count, they are the first you want to garrison in the shelter. The reasoning for this is simple, the damage they deal to enemy troops is very low but they take a lot from the troops their only real strength is attacking walls. Beyond that I will make troops varied so I have two cavalry and two infantry for every archer simply because they have to soak up damage.

So the first method is using the shelter as a constant defensive, keep your people safe mode. The second method depending on how it is done can be a mental game with your enemies. This will be explained in full in the offensive guide. However it is simply ghost rallying the extra troops.

Ghost Rally is simple find a very small player really far from the hive this would be like 2 -3 hour march and rally them for 8 hours. Troops tallied in a rally cannot be attacked. With a ghost rally you MUST cancel it before it goes.

The final solution is to pop a shield.

Advanced Tips:
If you have either the crystals or the stockpile changing the boosts attack and defense can help to make vast changes. Defense is especially useful while your wall is standing and attack more useful when your wall is down and it’s just your troops. Reasons are as follows; While your wall is up your traps do damage to the enemy. The longer the wall is up the more of your traps get used and the more damage the enemy takes from them.

Troop boosts Defense vs offense trade-off. With your troops having a defense boost can be really helpful it essentially makes them a lot harder to kill however in this situation they are not going to die anyway. On the contrary the enemies deaths are permanent. Offense raises the damage they do overall. IF you have built the skill tree as Is in Skill tree guide, your troops will already have a huge defensive capacity anyway, So I choose Offensive boosts Deal more damage to the enemy and lose nothing in return.

~April 22, 2016~


Takehitu’s Guide’s Basic

Offensive Basics

        In this game the primary focus is VINI VIDI VICI - Quote From Julius Caesar “I Came I Saw I Conquered.” With this in mind attacking has a little more complication to it than simply attack and destroy, even though at first glance that’s what it really looks like.

        First to understand the system One must understand the Rock Paper Scissors system within the game. Then you must also understand that it is impossible to not take losses simply there are ways to reduce casualties taken. Infantry are the Rock, Archers are The Scissors, and Cavalry are the Paper. Artillery are the Sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is defeated by all three other troop types. Infantry and cavalry are the meat shield you are fundamentally going to lose a lot more of them all the time.

        The first AND MOST important situation with attacking is knowledge. Knowledge is power and reconnaissance is key without scouting your losses will be more significant with only a few exceptions. I will go into those exceptions later. This means simply however always scout before attacking.

        Attacking a Base/ Attacking a Field/ Attacking an army
Attacking a Base; This will be the most common attack you make. The first thing to take into mind is there is a wall and various traps set to suck in your troops and kill you. This wall is weak against only Artillery and resistant to all the other troops. The traps hit the other troop types as well. If the base is lower level than you than the likelihood of them stopping you is very low. However it is possible. Personally what I like to do is first send an army of Just artillery and not all of my artillery only a few. For exact numbers I am unsure of how many to send for each specific situation but typically send artillery in waves of 100 and their suicidal job is to eliminate the walls. This then relieves the most powerful difference between your army and theirs. The second attack is the true attack. Send everything and watch the troop vs troop battle and wreck them. IT’s also a good idea to use an offensive boost to give an extra edge but this is situational I only use boosts in war and defense.

        Attacking a field is going to be an army vs army battle with 100% death rate. This is considered extremely offensive and will make people truly mad at you. Same concept however Scout and smack with all you got only as long as you have 3 times the amount they do. Specifically 3 times because your damage will steamroll theirs leaving you to have a lot less losses As well as guarantees your victory. If there's a chance you will loose and or the fight is a close matched one it is NOT worth doing.

        Rally’s are a different Ballgame than the normal attacks. Rally’s are when the intent is to have many guild members join the fight with their armies. Two reasons for this are to smash a bigger player than the person rallying and the second is to coordinate heavy damaging assaults during war and even defense.

WAR: In a war typically both sides have active people and there is a decent amount of chaos going both directions. When joining a rally make sure it is one of the more powerful members who is initiating because your joined troops take on that player's benefits and leave yours behind. Another thing to take note of. If it’s a 5 minute rally and you are 6 minutes away or more Do not join it either join one closer to you or solo make one yourself. This is because during war time  both sides are going to take a lot of loss. The other option is to attack solo which puts more pressure on the enemy but allows you to manage your assaults. Wartime Rallies true purposes to gather large groups on both sides and break the enemies of their armies. When getting Rallied on only defend those who have a strong defense. This also doesn't mean just because someone is a higher level their defensive wall is stronger Either ask and make sure they can say assuredly they have a large defensive power. This is because a lot of the higher level people have not researched their defensive research yet. If you reinforce a weaker defense you will lose everything. Mostly the best plan is to listen to the higher ranks typically R4’s and the leader the R5.

        Surprise attacks, occur when a player or group of players teleport right onto or into the hive and just begin Burning everything. Their intent is to kill and steal as much as possible. Same as with war Defense only there is the option of shielding although this often won’t help the cause. This is a scramble alert many people panic and don’t know what to do. As we go along Members will be assigned as Squad leaders, until then shield or send all your forces to the biggest players around you. Once that is setup however the squad leader nearest you will let you know you are assigned to him. Now all this means is during a scramble he will rally the attacker and you send your forces it will be a 5 minute rally and there is no guarantee of win but it hits them and often makes them think twice and even leave without causing havoc. Especially when only three jump in and they suddenly have 20-30 rallies a piece against them.

~April 22 2016~


Takehitsu’s Basics


        Heroes Play a vital role in Mobile Lords that is not openly pointed out by the game. The obvious play is that they are directly involved in offense and defense giving boosts to troops attack defense and many other simple things.

        First to know about heroes is the stronger they are the better they perform in all roles. During battle with just them they do more damage have more health etc. This goes for combat with armies as well. The second thing to know is by just playing the little story with the statue your heroes will not level up very fast at all. To level up your heroes the most effective way is to attack Griffons (gryphons game misspelled do to copyright laws) or the other creature spread out as when this is written griffons are the current beastie. Other ways to gain experience is when you auto attack for either equipment or shards to upgrade the heroes Quality you get food stuffs which directly give one hero experience. The final Experience gains are from the arena and from battles although very minor amounts are gained here.

        When gathering heroes many have asked which ones do they need to get. The answer is ALL of them. The Heroes have a passive ability that will boost your empire, construction speed research training etc. This is a constant and you will get just by having the hero. Currently the method of success involves a healer and quite frankly the little fairy healer “Prima Donna” is Amazing for this role, A tank the front-line For me it is The Big Guy but I don’t know who is the best. Next is to have at least one if not two whose ability stuns or disables an opponent in some way. And finally you want one or two Glass Cannons. They will be your primary damage dealers.

Skills and abilities:
The skills of a hero are their combat skills. These are unlocked by ranking them up. These give them more attacks to use that often have helpful side effects. The Abilities are passive bonuses to troops traps walls things involved in battles and or your city. These are improved by Promoting Quality and unlocked by increasing Rank

My team is as follows:

        When making your team stronger there are two Very important parts. Rank and Quality. Both play a really large part and both make a difference in combative capacity, However Promoting their Rank is significantly more helpful than Quality. They get more attacks and abilities and they gain more stat boosts than by enhancing Quality. To Rank up you must gather all the equipment they need and promote them which takes time and then repeat up to Rank 7. To increase Quality you must gather shards that are of that hero and then upgrade it when you gather enough shards which will make them higher quality. This raises the potency of their passive abilities and active abilities.

        Do not underestimate the VALUE of the Arena. Just because you have reached lvl 10 and can finally use the Arena or it is tedious do not mistake how valuable it is. Every 3 hours the Arena Pumps out crystals as rewards for your standing in the arena. Crystals are the prime Currency you receive for spending real money. Rank up in the Arena and earn REAL money is basically the value. Ranking up is not too difficult there are Guards which are npc’s so nobody and players attack them watch the fight either win or lose nothing special. Each week there is a bonus and it changes this week is Females and Light, gives your team bonuses which do make a difference.

~April 22, 2016~

Takehitsu’s Guides

The Basics: The Skill Tree

        When leveling up your account itself for essentially doing anything and everything you start accumulating points. These points are used to level up a skill tree or a talent tree. This tree has Two fundamental sides to it. The Combat Side and an Economic side. Some people try to use both and many focus on only one side. This guide will inform you of the most useful manner in how to set this up and explain why and how it helps more than most other builds.

        Economic vs Combat; The economic side is extremely useful in helping a person build themselves up but initially only really helpful on research and build times. However if you have the economic active and get attacked your forces and defenses are going to be exceptionally easy to run over and you're going to lose a lot. The Combat side however will help you make your troops and base survive against a Lot more and in the long run is going to save you a lot of grief. Those who choose economic side usually up until really late game become farms they have the resources to loose so they get attacked all the time.

        On the offensive side there are a lot of options but there are two specific skills that should be all your attention. First thing you want to do is go down a straight line getting the minimal amount of points to unlock the next skill below all the way to the bottom so Troop defense II and Troop Health II. The Idea is to max out starting with the bottom Troop hp and defense 2. Once you finally max out those go to troop defense and health 1 and max those out. What this will do is Make your troops officially Tanks. This evenly makes all your troops much harder to kill. So the lowest level troops T1 troops have essentially 1 strength t2 troops have 3 t4 6 and t4 14. However doing this making them tankier puts their strengths around the following T1 2.5 t2 4.5 t4 9 t4 18
        The reason you want to do the tanky method as well is that all the other skills are exclusive to a unit type so you can make your cavalry extremely mean however there is a max level and a max amount of points you will get. You will not have enough to make all your troops the same in damage dealing. However someone who has the defense method all their troops are tanky. This in the long run will defeat those who boost offensively. It may not be a large win margin either but it is enough to have more strength than the other methods.

You will have extra points when you are done with this and you can put them to different things personally I like having a LOT of troops so I max out all the troop training speeds next, however what you do at that point is entirely up to you.

~April 22, 2016~


Takehitsu’s Guides

The Basics: Crafting Gear and collecting Materials

        In here you will learn how to craft gear for your primary hero and the methods to obtain the materials needed. This is fairly important because it gives you boosts that affect your overall economy and combat performance. Inside of your workshop is where you will find all the gear. Note there are two types in general normal and event monster gear. Normal gear requires normal materials whereas the event monster gear requires killing the beasties and or buying packs that give you chests for them.

        The process is fairly simple look at the gear it will show you what you can currently use and what you can currently not us. When you select the gear you want click the little tab that makes it gray quality. The reason for this is because the game forces you to build up from gray. Don’t believe me? Check the green one of the required materials is the gray and etc going up from there. This part is not the hardest part however but gathering the materials is.

        To gather the necessary materials you must click on it and info it will say Fur- Fields. This means you must send troops to a field or a plot of wheat to gather food. There is a random chance they will pick up a material, which is also randomized as several different materials are gathered from each tile type. The most effective way to get materials is through quests. On the bottom the open scroll with the scribes feather symbol is your quest button go to admin and or Guild quests and simply do them. For most of us this means start it and let the timer go down. For high enough VIP levels you can simply instant finish them.

        The last bit of info you will need is how to level up materials. In the workshop when your crafting the item and looking to upgrade the item click on the material to open a chain which shows all the levels of that material. Click on which one you desire and have at least 4 of the previous level. 4 pieces are required to make 1 advanced piece.

        Tips and tricks:

Always make gear that is above your level, at lower levels the gear does not give enough boosts to really make a difference I made lvl 40 gear and simply grew into it. Make two different sets. Combat and non-Combat gear. Combat gear should be similar to traits/abilities and research focus. I focus my combat gear toward defense and health. My non-combat focuses toward research time. I also have a third focused around gaining experience but this is a temporary set.

~April 22, 2016~


Takehitsu’s Guides

Basics: Tiles and Beasties

        The terminal learning objectives include information on how to farm tiles and not lose your military and all about beasties.

        Tiles are an important economic tool within Mobile Lords. What they do is actually a three point system. One you are allowed to get free resources from them without having to break down a wall and an army to get them. Two they allow you to snipe someone's unprotected troops with a no survival rate. Lastly they give a random chance to drop a much needed material or Mat for crafting gear. How it works is you find a tile corresponding to the mineral you need the most fought over being gold and the second being food. When finding a tile there is ONE Very important UNspoken RULE!!! Clean Out the tile. If you head to the tile and are 2 units from cleaning it out. Then once you're finished sent a troop to clean it out. If you do not this will hurt you and your allies. Cleaning it out makes another one spawn nearby a lot faster And after we clear them all out for a couple weeks they will begin to get higher levels. Higher level tiles mean they have more resources, and increases the Mat drop rate.


        When farming tiles one must be wary. The first rule of farming tiles is be readily available and keep an eye on the game. The instant someone starts scouting or coming to take it get ready to jump boat. If you are hit and lose it’s a 100% TOTAL loss. Nothing will survive.

        Beasties are a slightly different story. When attacking Beasties it takes an energy cost from your energy pool. At best you can attack 5 or 6 times. Now take note you can use a special attack that compiles all the attacks in one feral blow. Something to note on that. If you throw out all the attacks at once you will waste your damage potential and energy. Each consecutive attack gives you a damage boost. Attacking 5 times not at once but attack go home attack repeat will give you up to 70% and more attack bonus. Were as the blast all at once gives the whole bucket 32%. Upon Killing the Beastie the Guild gets a gift as an extra incentive. These gifts have the rss items, speedups gems mats they are pretty much a  culmination of everything in the game. Now Gifts also have another unique deal. Open a certain amount and you get a bonus gift, which also puts exp toward leveling up the Guilds Gift level. The higher the Guilds gift level the more the guild receives from the gifts. At lvl 1 almost all the gifts will be resources and a very very small amount. By level 4 the amount of resource is greater but the packs will begin to push out crystals and speedups more often. Obviously the mats the Beasties drop are for the beastie special equipment. However they also drop energy boosts, and chests which help obtain even more.

~April 22, 2016~

ADVANCED GUIDES STARTED COMING OUT; Unfortunately for you those are Classified


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A very useful guide however, I completly disagree when you say you should focus on walls. They only help if someone the same might as you attacks you however as soon as someone stronger attacks you they die almost straightaway taking all those traps with them aswell. After that they take about 10+ days to repair if you have been focusing on wall research a lot. I had spent tons of resources and time on my wall in my first account and they were just blown away as soon as somebody high might attacked me. I have never spent a penny on walls on my second. Imo only worth getting when you can get it to the point where nobody has enough strength to take it down. Even then you could just be rallied

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The wall gives you free kills period against stronger and weaker people. I fight against higher end players all the time gone toe to toe as a 20mil with a 200mil and won the wall is a free meat shield for your archers to shoot over and gives you a huge advantage. BTW when you get rallied. pop a shield Thats the most classic defense once rally bounces unshield and burn more.


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Only 1 barracks needed. It doesn't speed up training time. When you have t3 troops, it will take 8-10 hours (depending on training speed) to train 1600 troops. So if you have 5 of them, it will 40 hours to train 7500 troops. It takes a lot of resources just to maximize the number of soldiers you will train. I'm sure you will log in sometime in the duration of the training period (every 8-10 hours) using 1 barracks so you will be constantly training troops.

Adding more than 1 barracks is a waste of space. I would rather use it for infirmaries and manors.

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If That's your strategy go for it. These are guides as in full of info they aren't meant to be edicts. Ill see you on the field of battle.


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How do I get the advanced guide

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Once you start getting into late game or maybe you have now, you wont care about walls, believe me, ive made stupid mistakes on them lol, full 100k traps and barely lose 10k even if it takes like 5hits with just t3, i dont know if i only have come across people without trap boosts after playing 1year+ on this game but its all about your boosts

This is with 24 acad research, it tends to take about 5hits to knock down a 1m hit with 250k t3, no p2p heros, not even fully gold all the heros for itself and f2p gear isnt what anyone would call good later game lol

Know that say a 50% army boost wont be 1.5x the hit but more looking like 2x-3x, 50% is also the strength of t4 against t3, dont let me tell you 50% on t4 troops lol

Maybe its due to the mixes of traps, you think 30k-40k of each type is gonna do well against a 250k of that of a types army? Idk just thoughts, when you send mixes, you are sending only 2x the amount of the counter traps,each hitting the types, with the exception of melee traps unless the type has been killed moving to the next, 250k means you are 8x instead

Troop counters in this game are 2.5x strong, 2x the attack, so if it works about the same then its the same hitting the types

This game seems to be the boost x the troop, maybe its alot less boost on hp and attack but i really think it has some kind of a small boost ontop, yeah i know its mostly individual or maybe all

Also siege is only a counter, last time ;)

Troop defense is useless, unless you are a trap, hp is the one that saves you against their attack if they break through the wall which late game they will, believe me that wall wont last

And everyone is so obsessed with counters,i did a little math which you can see what happened, with best defense vs best attack (mix vs one type)