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[Guide] Newbie Guide - The way to 1 Million Might !! How to get 1 million Might.

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Posted on 2018-04-16 00:56:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello there Dear Lords,

                In this guide we would be going through ways and tricks for a newbie to get powerful faster and obtain 1 million + might in just 15 days for F2P and for P2P it will be less than 10 days !! So lets get into this!!


It is always good to have friends and its great to have friends in game to help you grow. If you are new to game first thing you should do is join a guild (It also gives us free gems!!) Now you must choose a decent guild to help you grow faster. Here are few things you must see in guild before jumping into it.
  1. The guild you are joining should be in same kingdom / server you are on. If it is not I may be big disadvantage for you. (If you are new you can migrate to that kingdom if you really want to be in that guild)
  2. The guild you are joining should be speaking same language you are or you know. It helps you to communicate faster and more efficiently with your guildmates which in turn helps you get stronger quickly.
  3. Try to be in guild with powerful players who have knowledge of the game. This reduces chances of you getting attacked and bullied.

Here are come tips to get in guild that will get you real big faster :-

  1. Get in contact with leaders of Biggest Guilds in you kingdom and try to be friendly and polite & ask them to let you in.
  2. Join a Chinese Guild (Yes you are reading it right !!) There are lots of guilds out there that accept players as Big Guilds keep making family guild as players won't fit in them. Change your name to something Chinese. ( You can take help of Google Translator here!!)

2.Construction & Research

After you have got into good Guild you need to focus on what you are building and researching. You should aim to get Wall, Vault, Academy to same level that of your Castle then upgrade you castle.

Here is pattern you should follow for constructing :-

  1. Always keep constructing something.
  2. Construct small things when you are online and construct big buildings like Walls, Castle when you are offline or asleep during midnight.
  3. Upgrade Castle first then get Wall, Vault & Academy to its level. Upgrade Infirmary for more security.
  4. Try to max out Manors as you will need gold for many things.

Now it comes to research. Here you should first focus on your economy, defence and monster hunt. As you get bigger start researching military.

Here's a pattern you can follow :-

  1. During beginning when you are from C1 to C6 or 7 try researching economics as much as you can. Then in C8 try atleast to unlock Traps and Lvl 2 monster hunt.
  2. When you are C8 and everything or almost everything is maxed out then start researching military as you upgrade to C9.
  3. When at C9 get you Academy at Lvl 9 so that you can unlock research on T2 troops which are crucial for your development.
  4. At this point rush your castle to C10 (or maybe to C12 if you want) so that you can unlock Colosseum where you can compete to get Free Gems Every 3 Hours. Who doesn't like free gems??!!
  5. From here try to do the research that seems best to you.

By now you would have hit 400K to 600K power and if you keep training troops and researching you would probably get that delicious 1 million might !!