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[Guide] Newbie Guide: Mips' Hyper Guide

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Posted on 2018-04-15 02:15:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

Mips' Hyper Resource Account Guide

F2P= Free to play
C(Number) = Castle level. EG C17 = Castle 17.

Beginning the account

  1. Get maximum VIP level you can (best if your main can gift some VIP points). Rush buildings to auto complete VIP levels.
  2. Research construction speed research to maximise building speed.
  3. Level construction based heroes. Research will not be as important as construction as you’ll be doing them parallel with not much lengthy research. I recommend 1 or 2 production heroes before Trickster unless you really want the research reduction boost. 
  4. Use your administration/ quest scrolls to gain materials and EXP. Build accessories relevant to your hypering, construction (focus) & research. Several research equipment pieces such as body, flutes are used for food production so this may be prioritised. Gold production equipment pieces like the gryphon offhand & norceros body are also necessary for construction so they may be prioritised.

  • When you’ve determined that your building production is at an acceptable level, use guild coins to buy production boosts to assist with resource production. 

  • Skirmish 8

Rush troop building temporarily to defeat Skirmish 8. Skirmish 8 can be cleared with T1 only if you haven't cleared it, you will need around 100k troops though to not get completely wiped out & need to prepare some resources to heal up, C17 in infantry phalanx is enough with 20k INF, remaining range fill & relevant heroes - need siege (only trained 3K personally) to break the wall.

  • Treasure Trove

Lots of guides out there recommend treasure trove and there is a reason why. You have gems sitting there usually when you’re playing and they do nothing while sitting there, treasure trove takes an investment and increases your gems.

You will need to increase your treasure trove capacity as soon as possible to allow you maximum free gems in the game, giving you more shields and quicker access to C25 buildings.

It is recommended you get at least building 8 as it requires way less pickaxes than building 9 but of course, the deposit and return is lower as well.

There are also 2 research trees currently available that will help you with increase of treasure trove deposit and resultedly returns.

  • Guildfest & a good guild

Join a good guild if possible for all the guild benefits (helps,gems, boxes, attack alerts) and complete guild fest for rewards. Gems, shields, treasure trove pickaxes, material boxes, cash shop material boxes, migration scrolls and other goods are great if you are F2P. My main source of gems come from guild fest which is crucial for shielding when you produce large quantities of resources
  1. Research prioritisation

  • Economy (Production, vault & construction speed increase)

The economy tree is the first tree that hyper accounts will touch on. The prioritisation of research in my opinion is construction speed for your buildings to be completed, then the harvesting research to maximise production and vault management finally to protect your resources to the best of your ability.

  • Military command (Storage, treasure trove deposit increase & STA)

The Military Command tree is the secondary focus for hyper accounts as the research is easy whilst rewarding for hyper accounts. Storage expansion is done to leave your production going allowing you more time to do activities in real life before managing your hyper accounts. STA increase is the same as prior, giving you leeway to manage real life activities.

Further down the military command tree is treasure trove deposit increase and energy increase aiding your gem return and monster hunting capability.

  • Army leadership (Treasure trove deposit, supply speed & resource shipment increase)

The army leadership tree contains several important researches that aid a hyper account such as gold harvesting increase, storage, bigger bags (increasing resource shipment) and forced march (which allows quicker shipment speed).

The prioritisation for this tree in my opinion is max deposit, bigger bags, forced march, tax break & gold storage/ harvesting (if you plan to gold hyper).

  • Monster Hunting

Monster Hunting research should be completed to at least Level 3 as this is when 24H shields start to drop. Gems & speedups can drop from level 3’s so it is very worthwhile to do the research for.
Killing level 1,2,3 or 4’s are debatable depending on whether you wish to help your guild or not with guild gifts which will not be covered in this guide.

  • Familiars

Train familiars and begin familiar research to Unlock Pact 2. It is worth unlocking your relevant familiar to receive the initial production boost and level it in the interim whilst you acquire the necessary medals for Aquarius.
This is crucial for accelerating heroes for construction/ production & research through getting Aquarius (provides STA daily).

Pact 2 is debatable but getting 1 of each hero is already a decent production size boost without leveling them. I personally recommend Weevil as it provides 4 hours of resource production under every 2 days which adds up when you have a decent production boost or more than 1 hyper.

My second favourite familiar for hyper accounts is Totempest as it provides a cargo ship reset, allowing you to convert your resources into packaged resources or speedups.

Bonehead is great if you are an active colosseum participant, Harpy is decent for VIP, Bouldur is a great help for construction if your guild is inactive & finally Krabby offers a player EXP boost as well as ore bonus production for ore hyperers.

  • Rush buildings to C24/C25 depending on goals whilst doing production research.
  • C25 benefits:
  • Gold protection & increased vault size

  • 3 accessories (huge gold production or food bonus even for F2P)
  • Almost double resource production rate from C24 to C25. (requires gems)

  • Trading post reduction on tax & increased supply speed

  • Manors post production building completion

Manors do not give double gold production at C25 in comparison to C24 like production buildings, their main asset is training speed which do not help hyper resource accounts.

It is worth upgrading your manors at intervals where your production buildings at finished but you have nothing else to build or if you require gold. Example C24 buildings are finished, waiting on gems for C25 buildings. Manors can be completed.

  • Shielding vs unshielding

A shield costs 1K gems and as you progress, your alt account will likely accumulate gems. Do not use them for building upgrades (besides C25) if possible as gems will be necessary for your shield usage to protect your resources.

End notes
All information here is from the original creator of the Mips' Hyper guide in a google doc that was created prior (Mips).

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Great detailed guide, I never quite focused on vip till now . Be sure to also post it on [Guide event] to maybe even win a prize! Good luck :)

~Birds of feather stick together
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This is a beautiful guide! This will be very helpful to anyone looking to become a resource hyper!

Lazz Joker
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Posted on 2018-04-15 21:08:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is so helpful! Thanks a lots!

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Thanks, thought I posted in the right section haha but looks like I didn't:angel:.

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