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[Guide] How to beat Darknests (easily)

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Right this is a Darknest guide. I will try to focus on the main things and don't post unnecessary pictures or stuff like that. If you read this guide your guild probably struggles to beat darknests. If you follow those easy steps you will get those sweet (high) essences every day! 
Yes you can beat other nests as the from me suggested nests but if you struggle with darknests just follow my guide and you won't anymore.

Step 1: Scouting!

Look for a darknest with only one troop type. 
(If it has Siege is fine.. for example 1M Infantry troops and 100k siege in it is fine!)

Step 2: How to attack!

Lets say we are still in the case that the nest has 1M infantry and 100k siege. What to do now? You all know that cavalry counters infantry. So you rally the nest with cavallery only. If you have proper research/gear you don't need siege troops. So try to attack just with cavalry. If you can't beat the wall you can attack again with 5-10% siege troops. 
Don't forget to send cavalry heroes for an all cavalry attack. But for proper hero selection i suggest to read a hero guide. 


  • All range: Infantry phalanx
  • All infantry: Infantry phalanx
  • All cavalry: cavalry phalanx

Step 3: Transmutate your essence!

Sometimes you don't find such nests. The next easiest nests are nests with two troop types. You can attack range/cav nests with all range. Inf/cav nests with all cav and so on.. you see the pattern here right? But note that I wouldn't consider a nest with 90% range troops and 10% cav troops as a range/cav nest. You can attack a nest like this like explained above in step 2.

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Awesome guide! It actually helped me win a few darkness rallies :D

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