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[Chat(Android)] How Important Is Squard Attack?

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Posted on 2018-03-12 10:39:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

I believe a gold grade trickster is comparable to a blue grade globlin in a march because of his squad attack.

My argument is based on the 5 parts army ratio and 4 squads per troop type calculations.

Assuming I am using only 1 part of 5 of that relavent troop type (range, or R):

A blue goblin gives 4% army attack buff. It also gives 20% squad attack buff on (R). Therefore the total attack buff is 4%x5 plus 20%/4 = 25% attack boost on that march.

A gold trickster gives 100% squad attack buff on (R) and nothing else, so the overall attack boost is also 25%.

The only thing I am not sure is that if the squad attack buff is constant vs the logistic skill buff.  What do you think?  Has anyone already proven this in game?

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Posted on 2018-04-20 12:26:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't think you can break it down mathematically like that...so I'm not sure about the 1/5ths army ratio point, but here is how I understand squad attack behaving.

Each troop type is broken down into 4 squads, and any hero of that type attacks in one of the squads.  So if you went full cav and had 5 cav heroes, one would be in the back doing nothing.  Or if you went full cav and had 2 cav heroes and 3 infantry, the infantry heroes would be in the back and 2 of the 4 cav squads would have a hero.

So in Trickster's case, he'd occupy 1 of the 4 ranged squads (for this example, assume 100% range vs range).  The individual troops in his squad do not receive a bonus, the only boon from his special move is the special attack he does every so often.  I think he may grow big and shoot something off, I'm not sure.  But that individual attack deals 200% of the squad damage at gold when it hits, I think of it as an extra arrow volley every so often.  So the squad his is aiming at will receive increased damage, but none of the other 3 squads will receive extra trickster damage.  So it is a very concentrated damage only affecting 1/4 of the attacking troop type. 

Keep in mind this effect gets greatly watered down when using mixed troop types.  If you're running a 424, that means his boost only affects 5% of the troops (20% troops are ranged, split into 4 squads, his squad will deal more damage due to his extra hits).

This is why I like squad boosts better than the singular squad attack i.e. bombing goblin.  In the first scenario (range v range) goblin's attack is less power but hes giving all of the ranged troops an attack boost.  In the second scenario, 100% of the troops get an attack boost while his squad attack move is based off 5% of the total troops. Even if it was another ranged hero who gave ranged attack and health, I would still prefer them at a lower grade than Trickster, esp once mixed attacks come into play.

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Squad attack is much better than army attack alone ( for eg in case of trickster and rose knight in a full archer march,trickster gives more damage). But While attacking with all range troops and 5 range type heroes,only four heroes gives the squad damage while the 5th heroes only gives the logistic skill since there are only 4 squads in each troops type. So While attacking if you are sending the attack with all range troops with all range heroes(w trickster)and if you send trickster it is of no value as squad damage is not added. So it is  better to send heroes with army hp and army attack as logistic skill heroes for better damage.

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I guess you wanted to know blue grade bombin is better or gold trickster?

Posted on 2018-05-12 17:33:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

In my testing, sending Trickster as your fifth hero is a detriment to your overall performance. You lose more and kill less (in 10k vs 10k all ranged troops this was by a net of 6 troops) than when you send the other four heroes without him. 
When sending only a single hero, though, he gives a ~23% boost compared to sending zero heroes (all tests done without leaders and with heroes as the only variable).