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[Chat(Android)] [K248] [I3I] Shadyville Horror Guild "Recruiting"

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Posted on 2018-02-06 22:00:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

(Being lame as I am I'll just insert the guild display introduction.)

Do you love to play games? Would you like to play a game with us? If so, then are you ready to stake and lose everything you have? Wild card and Dark horse, things that define us. We love to play around, mess with your pretty head and stir up troubles, watching our masterpieces on the sidelines. Who are we? "Shadyville Horror Guild", the strongest gamblers and most fearless risk takers. Our forte are games and technology, and no puny rules governs us; we do whatever we want, so long we win every game presented to us. Losing will never be an option, because we will come out on top and be the true conquerors of this game we call "Reality". 

"The game is already predetermined after the first player's move. Are you ready to win or lose?" 

(That being said, we're pretty laid back and not very strict. We are still a small guild in numbers. But we're still growing, so come and join. As I do not know what appeals to a person looking for guild to join. Sure many have expectations and requirements but if your looking to let loose some stress and have fun. You are welcome to join. If any further question msg me RoryxMercury. )