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[Chat(Android)] Game jone

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Posted on 2018-02-05 18:07:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Put Talent Set and Equipment on War Mode (boost ATT, DEF, HP, etc)
2. Put on important buff like Anti-Scout, increase ATT, increase DEF, (you can choose one of them)
3. Make sure you have a lot of army (for defending and attacking)
I recommend for using army mix with T1 Troops (small amount) when you are attacking or defending. When you are attacking, your troops will die (the percentage is depend on your enemy level) and if you using T1 troops while attacking, your T2/T3/T4 will not die too much because the first dead troops is T1 troops (easy to train and heal instantly). That conditon is same if you are defending your turf, the first wounded army is T1 troops, and it have instant heal.
4. Make sure you have speed up heal (make sure your infirmary have big capacity for all your troops, or it will die if your capacity is smaller than your army size) and also speed up wall repair (this is for defend your turf).
5. Do reinforcement, it will help for defending the turf.
6. Don't forget to scout your enemy, and you can make strategy to attack your enemy based on enemy power inside his turf
7. Prepare your relocator or random relocator when will do a war
8. Speed boot will help you do shock attack to your enemy, you will need this if the enemy is far from your place
9. And if your enemy is stronger than you, you can hide your troops with shelter, walking troops or fake rally. And keep your resources just in bag


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