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[Chat(Android)] Improvements and changes

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Posted on 2018-01-09 11:07:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

The First thing i like to see changed, is the fact that in the current game there is no PENALTY for starving troops. one can have way more troops than their food production, and still use them for attacks/defence/gathering. The change: make it so that there will be usability penalty up to 50% shortage, after that they start dying, until there is enough food in a surplus of 10%. Force all to make enough farms to upkeep their troops. 2- Make 2 more skirmishes for resource plots with a total of 18 more resource plots, but limit the amounts of farms and other resources to max 20 (farms) and 6 (for other resources). 3- Talent points, in my opinion there are not enough talent points to earn, I estimate one can earn about 350 points, while there are about 1200 choices to choose from, the amounts one should be able to get is LEAST 50% (about 600 points), how? that is up to IGG. 4- Barracks: in the current situation, you can't see the totals of your troops and the upkeep they all cost. I want to see 2 lines, one where you can see (like now) how many troops you have currently in the barracks, and one where you can see what your total is of each kind. and the affects it has on your upkeep, so that it becomes easier to train, and easier to see that one will not exceeds their production of food in upkeep.

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