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[Chat(Android)] Looking for solid players in k128

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Posted on 2017-09-11 10:21:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

T4A looking for good players to replace our tiny little alts and players that don't want to participate in guild events. 

English guild in k128  have 4 T4 players with 3 incoming in the next few weeks.  

Our R5 is 279m might and very generous.  Went from gift level 14 to 18 in 2 weeks. 

We are looking for players who like to attack and will defend.  Have 3 large chinese guilds that like to play farmville.  We currently have a NAP but plan on expanding and taking over the kingdom. 

Current Might 4b with 40 members we need to replace that are below 30m might.  If you like group raids and like protection this is the right guild for you.  We have a bank that is always shielded and a massive group of very friendly people.  over 400 guild gifts per day. We are a very close group so activity and communication is important. 

Might requirement: 60M+  T4 preferred. 
Message me in game or on LINE:

Line: Drrobotnic
IGN: Master T
Coll start: 12k

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