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[Chat(Android)] Problems

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Posted on 2017-08-31 11:44:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

1.Gifting ability to bigger players, no more t4 pipelines or giving your bigger player a relocater to help

2.Better war heros, you need to spend a few k and every kingdom somehow magically has a min of 1 person whos completely maxed, you might not think it at say a month but every kingdom will have it

3.To have good gear,it involves spending a fair bit aswell
f2p gear is cheap and not very good

4.Colo- to get to the top you need to spend on heros, aka lore and likely more in the future

Now made so even if you have a really bad team, aslong as they got a better chance at crits, in a few tries theyll win DUE to them
Very few formations work for the very top, so theres only very few popular ones, that well EVERYONE uses, since why use a weaker one? Worse heros need to be made better imo,since no one uses them or atleast gets very far doing it

5.If you can hit 5k a day on training troops, to build an army of 1m (375k t4x 1.5 (50% better)= 550k, then gear ontop and other stuff) takes 200days, half a year we are talking to equal on a full t4 hit with decent gear, not the best we are talking

I bet 375k t4 maxed stuff can beat 2m t3 with decent f2p stuff, at this rate 3m, which is a years worth and 1.5years, sure speed ups but you lose troops unless you will sit shielded 24/7, just makes it half the time really, so half a year and 2/3, 8months but then you got to get to it, so yeah a year, to be protected with shields and shelter+rally

Cant hit past t4 alot of the time (check 1st why its a problem), so you need someone to spend to get t4 to have a somewhat decent fight

6.Chinese are the biggest 90% the time and tend to be pretty racist alot of the time aswell, by that im not talking about words, although it can be, but just generally aiming on guilds of a few countries,ive seen this time and time again

You will probably recognize you are a female dog insults, the classic one

Oh and another thing about the chinese, they tend to have whats called as a "chinese union", a group of quite a few guilds that are huge, they have problems with you or another guild, they get called in to help and you cant do anything but migrate

7.Scrolls for the biggest, it doesnt matter to them, they will migrate easily but it does suck money out of them, aka we are talking dead kingdoms

8.Really aweful support, know very little about the game, even giving false info
The famous "we will check it out and reply", 3months later, no reply after even giving your email
99% the time disregard silly glitches and just general game problems unless you spent a decent part for it, no not time, who cares about that, we are talking money

Good things-

1.You tend to be able to find good guildmates
2.Learning to protect your stuff when you got only a few troops (but is that really good)
3.late game you can make 1k gems a day and a days speed ups, but thats atleast at 6months+ normally, you should know it doesnt really increase much more than that
4.can do well (just well) in colo since big spenders arent in big numbers, but you wont be top anymore, you used to

Im probably going to quit playing this game aswell as many

And i wouldnt be surprised to see this post deleted, if you think anythings wrong, just comment and if its still up i can check it