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[Chat(Android)] IGG has defrauded me out of 743'00 gems worth of troops.

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So after submitting several reports to the live help they have told me "no errors were found in the games end" I have done extensive research on this and seen that several other have had the same issue. (Game crashes mid kvk) I was booted for only a minute and a half. Just long enough to have a almost 500 million might person port next to me and smash me, the result was the loss of 2.2 million t3 troops. I will say that again 2.2 million troops. I have go as far as to contact my internet provider during which conversation I was informed that they had no hickups or outages. Is IGG not taking responsibility just because it was such a large loss? As I have said its not really the loss that bothers me, it is the fact they seem to not be taking responsibility for their product having a hiccup. Has anyone ever had a similar problem and if so how would I go about solving this.

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they also screwed me

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I don't have the same exact issue, but I posted about it also. The support team does not seem to care and wants to say that there is no problem when there clearly is. They are very lucky I do not have the money to hire a lawyer, what they are doing is called Fraudulent Business Practices and can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.