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[Chat(Android)] Level 5 Darknest

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Posted on 2017-08-22 12:20:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

Need some info from anyone who frequently drops level 5 darknests.

I am 131m might but my guild only has 3 T4 players.   We can't even make a dent.  What is the secret to it?  

I follow the correct guidelines.  I use plenty of siege but I can't seem to beat any of them.  Anyone have a level 5 nest guide or something?

The PenNis mightier than the sword
Posted on 2017-08-22 12:36:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

What im guessing if that you need to up your boosts, get one of your t4 players to have his war gear, the right heros and talents on for the best chance

If you really want to knock a bunch down, go for 1type darknests, the more 2type it is, the harder itll be,3type is harder than 1type but the hardest to beat are the 2type ones,funny that lol

Next thing is the essence level, a lvl15 essence a t3 player with decent boosts,maxed t3 research and talents on a fully rally can do (boosts basically for how high they can go, can even do an 18 but its close), really once you hit 20+ they starting getting really tough, you can beat a lvl15 easily then go for a 20 and it wont even be that close when you smoke it, just with the same stuff

Never go for 23+ unless you got a crazy strong player and t4, dont need a full t4 rally unless you hunt those 25s,since im pretty sure we did them

Crazy strong aka blue and purple champ/400m strong (gear shows),doesnt have to be champ obviously but one of the best sets

Now dont always go for their majority troop, if they are 1.5m inf and 1m cav, youre better of going archer and cav, with cav frontline, especially since they tend to put the weaker troop first, then you got archers hitting their cav and cav will stop alot of the attack

You can also get gold essences from lvl4s if you watch out, much easier to do than the same level one of a lvl5 but its the lowest level gold

1type is the way to go on a lvl5 most of the time, if not then go 2type but never a mix, dont use siege if the wall is smaller than like 5 or 6m (depends on how strong the rallier is), 1type will make mince of it but some walls are 8m and will hold you back killing morale

Useless troops that die first drop morale fast, only use the right ones and fill it