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[Chat(Android)] Best way to increase research speed?

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How can i increase the research speed using hero equipments? Help pls

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If you are not a big spender and aren't really high in Colosseum then I would suggest leveling Trickster to Gold, but yes Lunar flutes are everything.  Also focus on getting those noceros killed and buying the 5$ packs when he spawns so you can level up the main weapon for research speed.  

If you a big spender, buy petite devil, dark follower and Witch doll and max them out if you are a big spender of course, this is not cheap. Your research speed will be incredible

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Posted on 2017-05-19 10:43:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Go to your Workshop and use the filter 'Research Speed' and you will see all the items available with Research Speed.

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None of you have mentioned about how cheap 9k guilds coins per material chest is or even 20k an admin scroll or was it 30k,gets your materials up quickly and farm lvl1 tiles since they are best output of materials aswell,the hardest to get is plat,so aim for lvl1 stone tiles I'm basically trying to say aswell