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[Chat(Android)] Protecting Attack troops...

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Posted on 2017-05-10 11:41:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

I like to attack with all t3 archer... Getting fed up constantly rebuild t3 troops.  

I'm not talking about hard targets here, just. Hitting guys with say 200K or less t3.   I want to start adding a meat shield,  T1 preferably.

Basically I want a cheap fast building meat shield to die and minimise or have zero t3 deaths.

How many and what meat sheild should I be using to achieve this?

Would 230K t3 archer and 20K t1 archer ensure I just get t1 deaths?

Posted on 2017-05-10 12:51:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

By using t1 troops as meatshield all you would be doing is constantly rebuilding t1 troops instead of rebuilding t3 troops. 

There is no benefit to using t1 troops as a meatshield to attack. Defending, however, is a different story simply due to the instant healing they offer and the unlimited number of troops your turf can hold. 

Using t1 troops as a meatshield will save your t3, but let us look at it from all angles. 

To keep the math simple, let us assume it is 4 times faster to build the same number of t1 troops as t3. Sounds good on paper, however, you will also lose 4 times as many troops when you attack with a t1 meatshield. 

In conclusion, you wouldn't be recieving any benefits to using t1 as meatshield instead of just using t3. Sure, you wouldn't lose any t3, but you would not gain any either. On the contrary, using t1 meatshield will make your attack significantly weaker due to the lower damage of t1 troops.

Posted on 2017-05-10 16:11:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you are ranged specced, building counter troops as meat shield could be a benefit.
Since infantry coutners your ranged army, to avoid getting hard coutnered, try adding some cavalry as meat shield.
A @maintained pointed out, this would help you to avoid getting hard countered. Apart from that, you still build troops that die. In fact, if you are full ranged specced, you might loose more troops of the unspecced troops ( no idea if it is a full trap account or just a coincidence that you trained ranged )