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[Chat(Android)] Almost empty kingdom.

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Posted on 2017-05-08 14:32:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone!!!
K48   has becoming empty. lol
Everyone is leaving this kingdom...
Guilds which seeking a new place to migrate,  our gates are open  for you.  (WELCOME)

Here is the list of top 40 guilds.  ☺☺☺

[TxZ] MarcAnthoney
Posted on 2017-05-08 23:06:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dang I looked into coming, but it would cost me a nasty 18 migration scrolls. Only have 11 XD

Posted on 2017-05-22 11:27:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

That doesn't look very empty

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