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[Chat(Android)] Newbie Guide

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Hi, I will now share some tips for you new players in Lords Mobile. Firstly, this guide will be F2P. If you wish to spend gems I will only say, wait for your full help before gemming anything.
The gathering is one of the main ways of gaining RSS and is very important. They allow research and constructions to be completed without needing to use the RSS inside your bag. These tiles give you the essential materials to build the F2P gear war and passive gear (These can be found in my other guides). They also help with increasing your heroes’ levels when you deploy them. You can have 5 different RSS tiles, which are:

1.) Field (Food)

2.) Rocks (Stone)

3.) Woods (Wood)

4.) Rich Vein (Ore)

5.) Ruins (Gold)

Every RSS tile can be Lv.1 - Lv.5, depending on your location inside the kingdom. The higher your tiles, the faster you will gather. You must know that the higher your tiles, the more RSS, therefore the longer it will take. Below I will show you each Level of Ruin from 1-4.


Below I will show you the best F2P gathering set. You can get better gear If you do wish to pay. When looking for a gathering set you want three things. 1.) Resource Gathering Speed 2.) Army Capacity 3.) Travel Speed. If you can have high stats on these three then you will be able to gather fast and with fewer troops.
Helmet - Noceros Mask (Noceros)

Armour - Regal Platemail (RSS Tiles)

Boots - Seafarer Cleats (RSS Tiles)

Off-Hand - Gryphon's Talon (Gryphon)

Accessory - Ivory Choker (Saberfang

Monster Hunt
Monster hunting is one of the best ways to progress through the game and gives you loads of Speedups, RSS, Gems, Materials for your gear and Holy Stars. There are a few ways of gaining better rewards from the monsters and making it easier to kill them. Firstly, you need your monster hunt research to be upgraded. This will allow you to increase your overall energy, regen, and your damage, as well as many other things. You can also increase your overall energy by upgrading 2 heroes, which are Trickster and Scarlet Blot. These two heroes will increase you enjoy by 3000 each, at gold grade. Finally, the heroes that you send will impact on the amount of damage you deal and whether your heroes will stay alive or not. Below I will show you how to increase your damage to the monsters.

Firstly, you must know what type of hero you will need to counter the monster you wish to hit. This can be identified by clicking the monster and then clicking the little 'I' in the bottom left hand corner. The images below show what you want to look at before attacking the monster.



Once you know what heroes you need, physical or magical or a mixture, you will need to know what heroes fall under each category. This can be found in your hero menu. Below, I am going to tell you all the magical heroes, physical heroes and which monsters to hit with them.

Physical Heroes:

Black Crow
Death Archer
Demon Slayer
Etheral Guide
Scarlet Bolt
The Big Guy
Soul Forger
Prince of Thieves
Femme Fatale
Vengeful Centaur
Death Knight
Oath Keeper
Night Raven
Magical Heroes:
Petite Devil
Bombin' Goblin
Sage of Storms
Sea Squire
Witch Doll
Dark Follower
Songstress of the Sea
Snow Queen
Dream Witch
Night Raven
Prima Donna
Child of Light
Rose Knight

Physical Damage Only:
Snow Beast
Grim Reaper
Queen Bee
Bon Apetti
Magical Damage Only:
Jade Wyrm
Mega Maggot
Mecha Trojan
Physical and Magical:
Hell Drider
Bon Vivian
Serpent Vizer

What heroes do I upgrade first?
The very first hero you should upgrade is Trickster. This is because he gives a 25% Research boost, 3,000 Energy and 10% Energy regen boost, at gold grade. Secondly, you should upgrade Scarlet Bolt. This is because she gives you a 20% Construction boost and another 3,000 Energy, at gold grade. After these are done you can either upgrade Sage of Storms or start on your attacking heroes. I would only start on your attack heroes when you feel ready and able to fight. If you wish to see the 5 best heroes to upgrade then look at my attacking guide below.

Below are the 5 best F2P heroes for mixed attacks (Cavalry, Ranged, and Infantry)
   Rose knight (Army Attack)
-    Bombin’ Goblin (Army Attack)
-    Demon slayer (Infantry) / Oath Keeper (Infantry)
-    Tracker (Ranged) / Snow Queen (Ranged)
-    Child of light (Cavalry

Attacking castles

If you want to learn more about attacking, then use the link below to see my guide.

Attacking Guide
Research & Construction
If you want to learn more about Research & Construction, then use the link below to see my guide.

Research & Construction Guide

Gem Buildings

All your gems should go onto these buildings below. You should never spend gems on troops or other buildings. You can get your research but do not do it too much.

Treasure Trove
The Treasure Trove is one of the main things to help F2P players to get gems. This building allows you to invest your gems for a certain amount of time and receive them back with added interest. You should always put your gems into the 30-day option in my opinion. This is because you will gain a larger number of gems back and if you max the building then you will receive double your gems back after the 30 days are done. If you wish to upgrade your building you will need to pay gems. It is 14,000 gems for 1000 Crystal Pickaxes.

Battle Hall
Your battle hall is the most important gem building you can build. This is because it allows you to have more troops in your rallies, meaning you can kill bigger and stronger targets easier and with less troops dead. When your Battle Hall is Level 25 you will be able to hold 2,000,000 troops + your army. You will also gain a 10% army ATK, which will assist you in taking down big targets or Darkness. If you want to upgrade your Battle Hall it will cost 10,000 Gems per 1000 War Tomes. This building should be your first to upgrade.

The prison allows you to take leaders and execute them when the timer is finished. You can take leaders from castles level 10+ but can only execute castles 17+.The higher your prison the shorter you need to wait to execute targets. If your prison is level 25 then you can gain an attack buff based on the highest-level leader in your prison. Once your leader is executed it will go into your altar (If you have one). If you want to upgrade your Prison it will cost 10,000 Gems per 1000 Steel Cuffs.


Firstly, you should leave upgrading this building to 25 until your Prison and Battle Hall are upgraded. This is because you don’t need to execute leaders at a low might. T4 players are usually the ones to do most of the fighting and losing the most troops so I would not recommend searching for heroes to execute, unless your T4. The altar timer will start at 24hours and will increase with every leader you execute. Once your altar is level 25 you will gain a 38% Army ATK, 38% Army DEF, 38% Army Max HP and 21% Travel Speed. If you want to upgrade your Altar then it will cost you 10,000 gems for 1,000 Soul Crystals.

Thank you for reading my guide and if there is anything I could add please leave a reply or message me in game.
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IG Name: TJC2299


Have Fun :)
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Top notch guide !!!

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I saw this guide and decided to ask in more detail. It so happened that I like these games. However, I have children and they also love to play online. Their ages are 7 and 9 years old (daughter and son). The first thing I showed them was simple games on the Games Go portal. I didn't want to teach them to use the console from an early age. And I want to ask you, is Lords Mobile suitable for an older child? Will he understand? I would not want him to get upset about losing.