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Posted on 2017-04-19 13:29:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

To be honest I never imagined that I will have to write this thread in my 368 days of consecutive login(Interrupted several timesnormally over 400).I play since there were only 12 kingdoms and I witnessed many changes,dishonest moves and rises and falls but I kept playing and still playing but now I reached a moment when I have to write somewhere about my concern and discuss in a contructive and civilized manner.

My first issue is about Fighting.In the beginning this was a fighting game I remember because I hated it,always losing 10% of my soldiers in fight even in defense.Now I really miss this.The current gameplay is purely defensive and doesnt even worth to fight higher might players or even someone at your level because you only lose and lose meanwhile the defender just keeps healing and healing and healing and this is what a wargame is about?
A player now can save over 600k troops by sheltering and infirmary and be still competitive in the midle of the fight.
Many players and even guilds have borned because of this... because they have nothing to lose,when you attack them or hardly take them down but even if you manage to take his troops down he just send his leader with 1 troop in shelter or fake rally and rest of the troops can defend because they go to the infirmary anyway, nothing to lose at all and in my opinion this should be inexistent in a wargame.You fight others to make him weaker not only yourself.
The healing costs...with the 30day pack bought monthly and some 5$ packs you can have resources in abundance,for example I gave around 200mil of each rss(except gold) to my old guild for them to expand twice and still left 300mil in backpack and growing.

Let's check over attacking you can go solo without army boost.250k soldier in a single attack even with the best combination of heroes/units you still lose considerably and the enemy heals them all.What you have got?Nothing,what you have lost?around 48k troops in the best case.
Watch for his troops return and fix time the attack,it's okay it works sometimes but if you even have a delay or laggspike it wont work+needs a relocator if you want to reach him in time.
Rally it's the best way to take down the enemy as many ppl would say,right in some cases but in some not.When you attack all of the defenders troops if the infirmary allows go to the infirmary,healed and sent back meanwhile the attackers take some serious looses,not serious as if they attack solo but serious enough.
I did some rallyes with full attack talent-gear and boost and Infantry-Range-Cav-Siege combination whichever combinaton was the best for the situation(if antiscout were not up) and still the loses were considerable... so rally worths it?If you hit guys without teamwork yes but with a little teamwork you are doomed and if he not send his troops into safety before you reach him.

Let's play defensive reinforce castles and this is lately the only way to play if you dont have t4 in a wargame.This the best way to play but have some flaws too like you have to be active almost non-stop if an attack occures to send troops in garison of the attacked guildmate but this is the only by far which have some weight on the gameplay and if the attacker have some serious freetime you and your guild can end up in a cat-mouse fight for a very long time and until Watchtower lvl 25 you cannot even see what he sends.

This is my opinion in a nutshell about fighting gameplay.
Suggestion:Bring back the 10% or more deadcount for defenders too or ad at least items which cause fatal wounds and kills x% amount of the defender troops.
1Minutes rally would be nice.

My second issues is about being an old and loyal player.
We literaly get nothing for our loyalty and devotion toward the game.Not a boundle not a gift and in adition new players can reach months of our work with a single boundle of 20$(Like the current A Sweet Deal boundle)
This wont change for sure because IGG hates to give anything for free even most promotions require spend gems in the best case and buying boundles in the worst which starts to increase sadly.

My third and last concern is about Boundles update and Content updates.
If the team would work just half as hard on giving us content instead of working on boundles we already would have a game consisting of so many good features and heroes and all and a game of at least 5gigabyte :)
Puting jokes aside,the latest serious thing we got was the Darknests.New heroes only in boundles and the Hero Challanges,if you dont have some boundle heroes it will be hard to complete most of the stages,not impossible but far from normal and sometimes 10minutes or more f 50gems...

I know that this forum barely represents 10% of the playerbase but I would like to hear your opinion guys on these subjects and maybe I just not observed something or have another view over things.There will be pro and cons I am sure but please keep it constructive with manners so moderators not close it soon.
Thank you